Return of the bartók tunik

I started working on the sleeve of my bartók tunik awhile back, only to discover that I did not have enough purple for the designs on each sleeve.

“No problem” I thought, “I’ll just drive four hours north and grab some more”….okay, so I was already going north to visit family, but this story isn’t about them, it’s about yarn.

So, toward the end if my trip, I went to this lovely alternation shop where I had previously purchased my yarn, only to discover that she no longer carried the brand I needed. No big deal, surely I could purchase the yarn on the internet.

No my friends, I could not, because this yarn was discontinued. Not only was it discontinued, but people on eBay were selling it for $144,538,737.00 ….okay, so more like $20. I love yarn, but I will not pay $20 for a skein of yarn. I will pay $20 for wool, processes it, dye it purple, & then spin it into yarn, before I pay $20 a skein.

By the way, I did this last weekend

Our guild had a dye day, it was amazing!

Anywho, last week while I was Joann’s purchasing extra yarn for my knitting class (I jumped from six to twelve students in a day), I happened upon a yarn that was a close match to the purple I had given up looking for.


Now it is not the exact color, but is good enough for me. I took out the two rows that had purple in them, and tonight will be restarting the bartók tunik. I am hoping to have it done by the year 2056, but I’m crossing my fingers for next Wednesday.

Have a nice night folks!

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