I had this whole entry written out in my head, with all these fabulous pictures I took with my phone. However the email servers seem to be down and I’m far to exhausted (and lazy) to walk upstairs, remove photos from my phone and write an entry on my computer.

So this will be semi-short & of course sweet.

I had my meeting at the school & Lorelai is now officially homeschooled. The week has been busy, we’ve done schoolwork , signed up for a few activities with the local co-op, had some play dates, and started French lessons oh la la

I am still part of the PTA, and I am currently prepping for my Wednesday gig. Yep, I was asked awhile back to teach kids to knit in one of the after school programs, and the six week lessons start next week, I had only planned on teaching 6 girls to knit, however as of this afternoon, I am at 12 kids (not including my own).

I have more to say but it’s time to start dinner. So I leave you with pictures!

We all learn in our own way.

A failed attempt at the shirt for Lorelai’s Halloween costume, turned into a play dress for our scout leaders daughter.

I need to add the trim, however my coat is ready to wear!

Have a great weekend folks!

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