Hey there folks, I guess I left you all hanging. Well, without going into full detail the principal called me back on Monday morning, she informed me that my daughter would not be switched into the other first grade classroom. Well that didn’t settle well with me, I wasn’t about to put my daughter back into class with the new information I had found out from other parents, no way would I put up with it or look the other way.

So I withdrew Lorelai from school on Monday and she got to come to work with me that morning, she was given a child’s costume, & got to have lunch with “George Washington”. The superintendent called my phone while I was at work, though I let it go straight to voicemail, I was hoping it would be a good sign. It wasn’t, he said in all the years this lady had been a teacher, there have never been any complaints (I was the only parent to talk to the superintendent, there have been three meetings set up for this week with the teacher, not including mine). He tried to butter me up, the principal called me again and tried to butter me up as well, I appreciate the attempt, the only way I could get them to stop calling was to agree to a meeting with the teacher.

Toph and I talked it over, if they are willing to change Lorelai to a different class, then we would be more then willing to send her back to school, however if they refuse then she will be homeschooled for the rest of the year and we will apply to a charter school in the meantime. I am just happy that we have a good chunk of people supporting us with this decision, who have offered to help us in anyway they can. People are amazing!

On a happier note:

I finished my work costume…sort of. I had it finished, however I was in the middle of getting dressed when the principal called me and in a bit of frustrations a few of the hooks came off.

I ended up hemming the dress up almost 8.5 inches

I didn’t want to cut the dress or have a noticeable hem, so I used a fusible bonding web.

I put 8 hooks on each side, I was concerned I would make it too tight, but it fits!

Yesterday Lorelai and I went horseback riding.



The babies are getting big, I will be sad come butchering time, but we will have more babies next year.

I also made homemade cream of chicken soup & cream of mushroom soup for the first time today! I needed both for dinner and was so happy that they both turned out well! Now I do not need to pass by a recipe that calls for either of them!



Have a great day folks!

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