Oh the weather outside is frightful, if the fire were going, I’m sure it would be delightful.
I have places I need to go, please don’t snow, please don’t snow, please don’t snow


We don’t have any snow in our forecast right now, however it is getting to be hats and scarves weather.

The coats I have still let the chill in, so today I am going to cut out pieces for a fleece coat


I thought you were working in a scarf
…I am
I don’t believe you
I’ve gotten 27 rows done
I still don’t believe you

Kind of small isn’t it?!
It’s a work in progress
like the 14 other works you have in progress
Hush brain.

Anywho, I am hoping to have BOTH finished by the end of today or tomorrow.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures of fuzzy animals

Have a nice day folks!


Butterscotch likes to photobomb the ducklings


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