Scarves & Cast

So I figured, rather than continuing to write ‘my husband, my daughter, my son’ (you get it, you know they are mine), I would just start using names for them.

However, as I’m not big on putting names & front view pictures of my children in a public blog I’m going to do it a little different. Let’s just call them the names that they almost ended up with.

Toph (nickname) – is my husband, he grew up going to rendezvous with his parents. His ancestors were Vikings.

Raea (nickname from my cousin) – that would be myself. I grew up on a farm, read as many books as I could growing up, I could look at knitting patterns all day.

This was from last summer, Toph has let his hair & beard grow out since then.

Lorelai (6) – yes, when I was pregnant with my daughter I had seen every episode of Gilmore Girls and was dead set on her name (until my 4th month). She loves all things pink, Pokemon, history puzzles, & my little ponies.

Leif (3) – I wanted so badly to give this name to my son, however my husband won out in the end. Leif loves motorcycles, chickens, & Curious George. He gets into more trouble then I care to share.

Of course you know the real names of our critters, but that is us. Hi!

Anywho, I’m working on another project , are you going to finish this one?! …yes.

I’m working on a scarf at the moment, which I am hoping to finish by the end of tomorrow.

Have a great day folks!

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