Peanut wear

My hand is still out of whack, a little better, yet I am still unable to do things that require it’s usage…unless you know it has to do with canning food and in that case it’s a pretty easy task.

Grape juice from my backyard

And ketchup yum!

As I am not able to getting any knitting, crocheting, or sewing done (I feel like breaking out my machine), I wanted to share with all of you the beautiful creations of a talented friend from one of the mom groups I am part of, who also happens to hail from my homestate!

These are some of the cutest kid aprons I have ever seen, if you head on over to her etsy page you’ll see that she not only sells aprons for kids, but also dresses, bibs, & so much more!
Peanut Wear
Her creations are fun & colorful without having to break the bank (fashion week could learn a thing or two here!)

Head on over and discover all the cute items!!

Have a great day folks!

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