Chickens & Jury duty

The weekend did not go as planned, instead of enjoying fun evenings playing games, knitting, & having a movie marathon with my daughter, the evenings were spent trying discover the mysterious events that were occurring.

The first night about an hour after shutting birds in, I heard a tapping at the door, only to find one of our turkey out & about.
I scooped him up, and carried him back to the chicken house, to discover that the other turkey & all 6 keets missing.
The door was still shut, the latch in place, they had never escaped prior to this night.
After several failed hours searching, I went to bed, while one turkey & one keet remained in the chicken house.

The next night I placed a board in the one spot I assumed that got out at, though I spent half the night running out at every loud noise, moose running ahead growling & barking. The next morning the board standing perfectly up right.

Odd & curious, we live in a secluded area, we’ve never had any issues with troublemakers & I hate to jump to that conclusion.

Alas, a high volt electric fence has been set up around the regular chicken fence, as well as a few other gadgets. Hopefully that will be the end of it.

Somehow Sunday evening I managed to hurt my left hand, I blame laundry, I had no pain until after I finished the laundry.

It has caused a inconvenience, for example: yesterday I sat in a room for several hours for jury duty, I could have been knitting or spinning (drop spindle), however I could hardly move it without wincing in pain.

It’s not broken I know that much, I fear it is from…too much knitting cries.

Luckily I am once again, sitting in a room for jury duty waiting to see if I will sit in on a trial or, like yesterday, be sitting here for several hours only to be sent home. My hand can rest & I can read a book.

Have a great day folks!

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