Shawls & Grapes

So I’ve been working on my shawl pattern again, and I started thinking about how I was bummed that I couldn’t make & sell anything from any of the patterns in my books because they are all interweave, and it isn’t allowed.

Also, if you submit a pattern to interweave they don’t want you to show pictures of your pattern in the web.

Well, I’ve decided that while I’d still like to sell copies of my pattern (trying to save for a house), I want people who purchase the pattern to be able to sell whatever they make. Also, I want to share my shawl progress on this blog. After all, it is about “making my own clothes”…that’s the rumor anyway.

That’s about all I have, I have one row of the design in there. Really, what I’m doing right now is trying to figure out a good way to make purl increases without them showing.

We picked more grapes yesterday, and still have four times as many grapes to pick. They are so high up that my husband will have to build a frame (to go above the bushes) to put a tarp in, so we can shake the grapes down.

I’m trying to find a good (non pectin, non sugar….well maybe a little these are a bit sour) recipe for jams & jellies (& wine?) to make.

I’m trying to put away as much food as possible before the snow flies, and let me tell you, the temperature has dropped drastically. We’ve gone from 65 degree mornings down to 49, leaves everywhere, Carrick’s hair seems to have thickened and ready for another cut. To be honest though, I hate going to the grocery store lol.

I’m looking for a few places to go pick apples & more for the weekend. My daughter and I are going to have a girls weekend, it seems to have gone from a ‘My little pony & Toontown’ marathon, to a canning marathon.

The weekend is starting to look a little busy!

Have a great weekend folks!

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