Let’s talk about wheels

I’m alive!!! I’ve been dealing with a double ear infection that I was struck with on Thursday, which also happened to be my wedding anniversary. I used to have ear infections a lot when I was younger but never a double, I spent the evening feeling as though I had motion sickness all while laying in my recliner.

Thankfully today I am feeling a lot better, which was important as I met up with my spinning guild at a charming little fair one town over. I asked two members of the guild if I could take pictures of them spinning and they graciously allowed me to do so, they also gave me some information on their wheels.


Meet Betsy, she is spinning on a beautiful Majacraft Rose wheel, they are made in New Zealand by a small family owned company. It is an absolutely gorgeous wheel, and the rose motif is stunning.


She uses a WoolLee jumbo flyer.

Meet Loraine, she is spinning on a wheel from the Kromskis of Poland, The Sonata. This wheel is breathtaking up close, I know that in fairy tails the wheel that often comes up in the walking wheel, but if I were in a fairy tail, this is the wheel that I would want to use.


I want to say a BIG thank you to Betsy and Loraine for being my models for this entry!!
I’m hoping to take pictures of a few more wheels at our next guild meeting!

Now for the final wheel I first have a story, I haven’t asked to use their names in my blog so I will refer to them as Beetsie & D). Beetsie and D are very wonderful people, when I first joined the guild I was a self taught “spinner” though, what I spun did not turn out the way I wanted. At my first meeting D taught me the correct way to spin and it changed spinning for me forever, very few swear words are leaving my mouth these days.
Beetsie, showed me how to ply on the fly which made spinning even better, because I had no idea what ply was or how on earth to do it. If it weren’t for her, I would probably still be arguing with my husband that once fiber is spun it is yarn (I can admit it, he was right….this time).

Today, D & Beetsie brought this beauty to the fair

This louët s10 was made in Holland, of all the wheels I have ever used (two) this one, I have found, has been the easiest to spin on. It is smooth and (I find it to be) very lightweight. It is a gorgeous wheel.
I spun on it for awhile and they told me they were going to let me borrow it, I almost cried tears of joy. That was the nicest thing anyone has done for me in a long time (aside from my wonderful husband taking the kids all day and not once allowing them to eat anything that I didn’t approve of….but that’s another story).

So to D & Beetsie you guys are absolutely amazing, thank you for letting me borrow this beautiful wheel. You are both far too kind!!!

One Comment on “Let’s talk about wheels

  1. How sweet of you. You’re too kind – especially because we just needed the extra storage space in our house which you have so conveniently provided by taking the wheel off our hands for awhile :-).

    ~ Iris & Dave

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