The return of the Bartók

For awhile I got tired of working on my Bartók Tunik. I was do close to being finished, but when you have 12.5″ of seed stitch (k1,p1,k1 ect) before you can start the design….that gets really boring.

However, yesterday when my husband announced that it would be another ten years before we bought a house, I figured I’d quickly finish my sweater and throw it up on etsy so I could take the money and toss it into a savings account that I will be naming “I really want a house”.

Alas, whilst I was reading up on patterns I found that it was frowned upon to sell items that I have made using patterns from interweave magazines & books. I also heard, that if I did so I could be blacklisted, I think I’ll follow their rules.

I think I’ll keep working on the sweater and head back to the drawing board when it comes to making my own patterns.

Have a nice night folks

The last entry was supposed to be called 19 rows

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