Last week I was informed that one of the semi-living museums down the road was looking for a weaver, I had never weaved before and although I wanted to learn, I certainly could not afford to purchase a loom to learn on. That is when I was told that the retiring weaver would gladly teach me the tricks of the trade using the museums loom.

The museum at which I would be going, was a house that was built in the mid 1700’s, which was part of the trail that the allied French soldiers, led by General Comte de Rochambeau, passed through on their way to join the army of General George Washington in New York (there is your bit of history of the day).

This morning, I had the chance to weave on a table loom that looked similar to this ones, only it is quite a bit older

It was very exciting to learn how to weave and surprisingly easier then I thought it was going to be, though I’m sure a floor loom would be nerve wracking and a lot harder.

The weaver was a nice young gentleman in his early 70’s, he worked at a textile mill for over 10 years, running several looms at a time until the mill shut down due to jobs being shipped overseas. He was also a history buff and I enjoyed talking to him very much.

I showed the other volunteers (yep, I am gladly doing this for free), my spinning and was informed that the yarn I spun could easily be used on the loom.

I shall have another lesson next month before the season opens, hopefully I will be able to retain the knowledge as I will only be weaving twice a month for school field trips.

I may have to talk my father into building me a loom now that he is retired.

Have a nice day folks!

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