Meet Lola!
She has survived every predator attack we have had on the farm. Today a fox attacked our chickens and despite the good effort Moose made, the fox managed to get away.

All the chickens ran into the backyard, all but one. I ran toward the coop, there were feathers everywhere, and they belonged to Lola.

I was crushed, she was our oldest chicken and the only one currently laying eggs. I almost cried.

There was no body, there was no need to look for one, not with all the feathers I had seen.

Ten minutes later I heard clucking, I looked around. Our older chickens were old enough to cluck but they were sitting around silently. I ran to the front yard and lo and behold. There was Lola!! Looking almost untouched (the above picture was from after I found her). She is missing half her tail feathers but clearly, the force is strong with this one!

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