Guard duty

Half an hour after my last post, the sun came out and I thought to myself Thank you Mother Nature, I’m glad we can still be friends.
I gathered my carders and bundle of wool, headed out doors and decided to card a few rovings before gathering my cherubs and heading out toward the riding ring to do a little wild blueberry picking. Ten minutes into my spinning I received a phone call about a large black bear in my area.
Now, I no longer live in Maine but I do still live out in the woods, this is the first time I’d ever heard about a bear being in my area, then again two years ago we were living on an island. We have coyotes and fisher cats, yet bears never crossed my mind.

Oh well, I figured as long as I stayed in the vicinity, there was less of a chance running into a bear. The blueberries would still be there tomorrow….hopefully. I decided to just carry on carding in the backyard. I noticed a squirrel over near my bird feeder, they’ve already knocked down and broken two feeders & I figured maybe I could scare them off if I shot an arrow in the direction of the feeder. Two minutes after I came out with the bow & arrow, Romeo (one of our roosters) ran into the back yard followed by a fox, luckily for the fox I am not great at using a bow, I managed to miss him by half a foot and he ran off into the woods.

I spent the next twenty minutes banging around the back, back yard (we have 8 acres, the back yard & back, back yard a separated by hedges) with pots and pans. Alas Mr. fox managed to capture one of our little baby chickens.

That brings us to today, my husband & kids went off to visit family and go see fireworks. I didn’t want to be a jerk and leave Moose hooked up near the coop for 12 hours, so the resident Mountain Cur and I are on guard duty


So far, so good.

Have a nice day folks!!

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