Oh Mother Nature

Mother Nature and I have always lived in harmony together. When I was a young girl, I grew up deep in the woods of Maine on a 40 acre farm. I would listen to the symphony of birds singing together, watch the squirrels & rabbits play, catch a glimpse of deer, moose, and on occasion a black bear.

Today however, we are butting heads.
mother nature, I need to card more wool to spin. I’m almost out
Mother Nature: hmmm that’s a little messy isn’t it? I bet you would like a nice dry sunny day to card outside.
why yes, it is a bit messy. A dry day would be fantastic, it would save me from having to vacuum up the mess today
Mother Nature: well check the weather, do I have a surprise for you

You’re a real treat, you know that.

Oh well, I will spin and ply the rovings that I have, and continue to work on my bartók tunik.

Here is the yarn I have spun and ply’d for my guild project, a little bulky in places but I like it!

Have a great day folks!

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