Sandals & Vocab city

I ran out of the green yarn on Sunday, which resulted in a mad dash to Joann fabrics to hunt for the shade of green needed. Alas no such luck, I found every shade of green except for the shade I needed. Now I’ll admit it, I should have been prepared, after all I have three tubs of yarn to look through. I dropped the ball.

I did manage to find another shade of green in my tubs, several skeins in fact, and from Sunday until late last night, I have worked on the crochet sandals.


I changed the pattern a bit, by crocheting the straps in, instead of sewing. I think they came out nicely.
Here is the link again for all who are interested in this pattern, it was created by Lovely Little Life.

I’m starting to get muscle from carding wool, I have spun as I go along and it is turning out beautifully. I also combined Cotton with the first cut of wool from Carrick, I was nervous but I blended beautifully and spins better than I expected *knock on wood*

I will no longer be reviewing vocabulary city, last year on an old blog I reviewed Time4learning, my daughter was using it at the time and I was impressed. So twice this year I have received emails from them suggesting that I review vocabulary city, finally I bit the bullet. I could get a free year for my daughter who loves learning games. I signed up, and I posted about how I was going to review them, which clearly wasn’t enough. You do what they ask and then they will email you saying “now you need to do this” and “ok now you need to do that”.

Listen, my child can play free educational learning games elsewhere, or she could crack open a book as she often does, or play word games on paper. I am not going to jump through hoops. There you go vocabulary spell city, being pushy doesn’t pay.

Now that the sandals are finished, I can finish my bartók tunik & continue on with my Jane Austen project.

Have a great day folks!


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