Ok I admit it, I have hardly started on the sleeves of my sweater, the rain has made me sluggish and I’ve had to catch up on laundry & making chicken stock to fill my pantry for the upcoming Fall & Winter.

Today the sun played peekaboo behind dark ugly clouds, it stayed cool outside and Carrick spent is first day outside in his pen over a week. The baby americaunas had been occupying his pen as they were too little to be around the older chickens. I hope Carrick enjoyed his day in the sun, we are going to have rain for the next two days.

I have started another project, a friend asked me to crochet her daughter a pair of sandals for her first birthday. Now honestly I’ve only crocheted once or twice in my lifetime, so I couldn’t make any promises, luckily I came across Lovely Little Life, she has a fantastic tutorial and I was able to crochet within two hours last night


Of course this sandal isn’t even close to being finished and this one was a practice sandal to see if I could do it. Needless to say, I’m pretty happy with the turn out.

Have a nice night folks!


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