Don’t knit when you are sick

This was me this past weekend….no that’s a lie, I wanted to be curled up in bed under blankets, my husband even took the kids for a few hours so I could lay down. However, it was sunny and I have a hard time sitting still unless I am knitting.

Of course knitting didn’t turn out to well, so I took advantage of the weather and the quiet house and went out and did some yard work. Cut brush, weeded the garden, picked up the yard. When my husband came home we put up chicken wire and built a door for the barn for a few new critters and then ended the day stacking wood for the upcoming winter.

In the end it helped, surprisingly I felt a lot better after a good days work. Unfortunately, I wish I had left my knitting for today because I now have to undo nine rows, such is life.

No new knitting pictures today, but perhaps pictures of our new babies will hold you over.


These are our new ducks, Sparrow & Robin


We also picked up four guinea keets, and will be picking up two more later this week.

And finally, we put our chicks outside yesterday.

Have a nice night folks!

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