Veggie thief & Contest!!

So this is going to be a different entry, we have been having issues with woodchucks stealing our vegetables. Last year we got rid of three and it seemed that marigolds kept the rest at bay, however we planted several marigolds around our garden this year and no luck.
They are too smart for the havahart traps,we have lost all our peas and broccoli in the front garden.

I know some people may be thinking “so what, go to the grocery store and buy food”, well here is the deal,
1. There is nothing more satisfying then growing your own food, it actually tastes better when you yourself dug a garden, planted seeds, and took care of it.

2. Why should I spend money on food that comes from who knows where, is sprayed with who knows what, and who knows how those vegetables where handled from wherever they came from to the store.

3. It’s a great learning experience for my kids

4. I can spend $50 on heirloom seeds and what grows will feed my family for over a year and I can save seeds from the food I grow and plant those as well, the gift that keeps on giving I call it.

Anywho, I guess the only thing to do is to build a fence. Though if anyone else has had luck keeping woodchucks at bay(without the use of chemicals), please let me know! I will gladly knit you a scarf if it works (seriously, I’ll do it)

Cross your fingers that the rain stops soon folks so I can protect this years harvest!

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