Cold front

For those new readers who want to catch up this is my old blog, I tried to pop over there this morning to let old readers know that I had moved, however the site is down again.

We seem to have a cold front these last couple of days, we have gone from low 80’s to mid 50’s tis a bit chilly out! Lucky the only thing we have planted outside right now are peas, carrots & lettuce (planted last year) are starting to pop up as well.

It’s funny that 50 was considered warm this past winter when it got down to below zero outside, now it feels like it is time to layer up!

Nothing makes you feel warmer on a cold day though, like a nice cup of tea or coffee or cocoa, or whatever floats your boat, I don’t know what you drink so feel free to replace those drinks with whatever you want. Anyway I digress, as I was starting to say, nothing makes you (or me anyway) feel warmer then a hot beverage and working on a project that involves warm yarn

Here are how my projects are coming along

Linen work apron
I’m only on row 5 right now and unfortunately I think I made the wrong stitch somewhere but it doesn’t look bad (right now anyway, I’m not very far)

It’s really hard to tell against the picture from the magazine. So far, I’m happy with it.

An aran for Fredrick
Ok, if you are just tuning in and do not want to wait for to start working again, here is the backstory behind this sweater.
Last year my husband bet me that I couldn’t knit him a sweater before he built an apple cider press, my friend Kaytee said it sounded like an “Amish bet” and it just kinda of stuck. I’ve had so many issues with this sweater before finally (after showing fifteen million people the pattern), contacting the author Kathleen Dames, who from states away, was able to tell me exactly what I was doing wrong (actually, if it weren’t for her, ‘knitting my way through Jane Austen‘ would not be possibly because I didn’t truly know how to read a chart).

Anywho, my husband hasn’t even drawn up plans for the cider press and well, this is how far I’ve come on the sweater.



Bartók Tunik
I am 10.5″ away from being able to move on the next step. With this cold front I should get a lot more done and hopefully have this sweater finished by my June 7th deadline. I need to “haul ass” on it.


So long folks!

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