Meet Jellybean….errrr Carrick

We live on a small little 8 acre farm, we have several gardens, a cat, a dog, 19 feathered friends, and my beautiful french english angora rabbit (for those who didn’t already know)

I got my little bunny Jellybean almost a month ago

ImageSee isn’t she just cute!!! She was an early Mother’s day present for me,..I also suspect that she was a present for my husbands wallet as well that I would now be spinning my own yarn to knit, instead of hurting the credit card at Joann Fabrics (Well I mean, I will still have to for fabric).

Yesterday I took Jelly bean to these two twins that live a few minutes away, they have raised rabbits for 12 years and I had found them on craigslist when I went searching for a mate for Jelly Bean. Anywho, I contacted them and they told me to go ahead and bring her over. As it turns out, Jelly Bean is actually a boy (not that it matters much, actually we wont need to rush to find a mate for him now, at least not as fast).

Also, they informed me that he was English angora, not french as I had previously been told, still I am A OK with that, their wool is easier to spin.

My six year old daughter informed that Jelly Bean was simply NOT a name for boys and that his name had to be changed post haste. I reminded her that I got the name from an Easter book where the male Easter bunny’s name was in fact Jelly Bean. Still she wouldn’t be budged about the name, so I renamed Jelly Bean what I would have named him had I known he was a male all along….Carrick, after the lead singer of the band Everybody Else.

So my friends, let me re-introduce you to Carrick (after his first haircut. it was 85 degrees and I didn’t want the poor thing to suffer)

ImageHave a nice night folks!

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