Moving on up

Hey there folks, after many annoying one sided arguments with (well of course it is only going to be one sided when you are just swearing at your screen), I decided to hightail it out of there a move my blog.

Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want to move, however when the site is down half the time I want to write….well there is really no good reason to stick around.

If you are just joining me, well then, Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the World Wide Web.
My blog started off as me wanting to spend an entire year making my own clothes….I made a couple dresses and some Halloween costumes, worked on a few sweaters and made some wrist warmers.

This year, I am doing something a bit different. You see, I have three Jane Austen knits magazines and a crochet book, my goal is to knit my way through these books.
Don’t expect me to finish these patterns this year, I still have a few other projects, but hey it’s a good goal right?!

I am also making a Jane Austen dress for my Jane Austen themed birthday party, which is a year from last week 🙂

Come along on the journey….or don’t either way I’ll still be blogging about it 😛

Right now I am working on a Bartók tunik and a lace apron, which happens to be the first pattern in the first Jane Austen knits magazine. I will leave you with pictures of those projects.

Happy Mother’s Day folks!




Only on row three of the apron

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