Canning, canning, and more canning

We have an abundance of tomatoes, beans & cucumbers on the farm right now

I spend most days parked in front of the stove, canning up a storm 

Lots of pickles (over 45 jars) bread & butter and Dill

Indian pepper relishLots of diced tomatoes

And we have been shelling beans

Don’t ask me what time, because at this moment I don’t remember

I’m really excited that fall is here, it’s my favorite time of the year and the corn stalks, pumpkins, and sunflowers make it feel even more like fall.

What also makes it feel like fall is our three pigs have headed off to the butchers (I apologize to any vegetarian or vegan readers I offend, my husband eats mostly vegan believe it or not)

I have a new project starting always with the projects, I’ve actually been doing very well finish things lately thank you very much. This new project is more of a clean up and restore

This was my late grandmothers & her mother before her, now that I own a forever home, it has come to me. Where my current sewing machine is useless and I am borrowing an older machine from a friend, I am anxious to get this one cleaned up and in working condition.

Now, here are a few of my current works either completed or in progress of being finished Another cat hat, this one for my daughter. I have enough yarn for four or five more, two of which have been spoken for and the others will make it’s way to Etsy. If you live near me and head over to the village store you will find three there, alone with apple hats, crown hats, and crowns

Here is a toddler hat that needs to have the ends weave in that will soon make its way to Etsy as well. 

Today though, I am trying to find different recipes (preferably low sugar/ sugar free) for the 40lbs of apples we picked over the weekend.
Have a great day folks!
Also remember local folks, both ducks & chickens are laying. Come on by! 

Pattern etiquette 

Today I want to talk to you all about pattern etiquette. I recently made a couple of these hats and today I posted this hat in a group that I am in 

And I have to tell you because I have seen this before, I was pretty horrified by the first comment. “Pattern?”

Listen folks, I didn’t need a compliment, but a please would have been nice. If you can squeeze a please in, I am more than willing to give you the link to the pattern I used to make this hat. 

I’d be pretty ashamed of myself for being so damn rude, if that is how I asked for a pattern.

So if you are one of those “pattern?” people, start adding a “please” in there, maybe even a “Will you please share the pattern” and my response would be “Gladly, I got this pattern from the beautiful Nadia Faud over at YARNutopia” she has fantastic patterns over there, go check her out. 

As I tell my kids, manners will get you places, being rude will get you nowhere.

Now as I said I’ve been working on a couple of these hats, I have ears & tassels to finish but they have been quick and fun

I’m housebound today so finishing them should take no time 

Have a great day folks & remember to use your manners.

Beet it

So we have an abundance of many things in our garden right now, beets being one of them, the grace our table nearly three times a week. Now usually I just pour out the beet juice, but last night I did something a little different.

I took my lovely first prize winning (I’m so happily surprised by that) Blue faced leicester and soaked it in bowl of warm water and vinegar for about twenty – thirty minutes, not sure on the exact time but it was soaking during bedtime stories.

Then following instructions I read on a blog about dying fabric, I added four cups of water and two cups of vinegar to the beet juice…now as you may have guessed it, this diluted the juice a bit 

It was hard to tell what this would turn into, would the color stay?! I wasn’t sure, I’ve been to a couple natural dye day workshops now and no one ever said anything about beets. First I had pictured a deep dark purple, then as it steamed for twenty minutes obviously I imagined cheery red. 

I let the yarn sit in the beet juice overnight, & what I got folks is a lovely color I wouldn’t trade for anything, a color to remind me that my favorite time of year is rapidly approaching

A nice yam orange. 

Well I had so much fun dying the BFL with the beets that I decided I wanted to try more colors, sadly these aren’t natural, but it is colors I’ve tried for a long time to achieve.


They make me think of the ocean, I think they will both be headed up to my etsy page tomorrow after they have dried. 

Have a great Labor Day folks!!

When the kids are away, Mom will crochet!

Well this is new, I don’t usually get the chance to sit down at my computer and write out an entry. Usually I update from my ipad and that update usually takes a good 6-7 hours to complete, between kids, and animals, and whatever else happens to stop me.

However folks, school is in session & animals have all been taken care of. I thought hey, why not sit at an actual keyboard, update the look, & I’m sure some of my affiliates (Pattern works —>) will be happy that I am no longer cringing when I see promotion emails, because now I actually have the time to put the links up!!

I had the craft fair last Saturday and while I was more prepared this time, we didn’t have a lot of foot traffic, but you know what, I got to spend the day with my BFF so I am okay with that. I met new people, got some leads, & made several more items while sitting there.


It was just a fun day altogether, these are a couple items I finished & made while there, I have to give credit to my friend for weaving in all the ends to my Slytherin style scarf


These items are still with me, though not for long as they will be headed to our local village store next week (hopefully with matching gloves or mittens)

17 years ago when my paternal Grandma passed away, I inherited two large tubs of yarn. I didn’t know what to do with it. At 15 I had yet to learn how to knit and I could only crochet a rope…3 years later I was given a skein of yarn and a “learn how to knit” kit from my maternal Grandparents for Christmas. Although it took youtube & the internet to help me figure out how figure out how to do more that knitting a scarf, I credit all my grandparents for giving me these tools to learn these skills. Bet you all never thought I would take it this far…if I sit around knitting & crocheting all day well…it’s your fault😛

This weekend my father his the big one, that number that gets him discounts that everyone is envious of (don’t lie, you know you would go to the movies more often if you had a discount).

He will be 65 and I wasn’t sure what to get him, in years past I’ve gotten him books (sometimes the same one over and over again. because I forget), one year we even got him a tablet which is still uses to kick my butt at Words with friends. This year however I wanted to make him something. So I perused my craft-room and found some of my grandmas yarn.

IMG_1015This scarf used an entire skein and a little of the second.


Can you believe the prices on this yarn?!

Now these are two different kinds of yarn, the first was purchased at Kmart for about $3.75, the tag said Fishermens wool, though it was blend of wool and acrylic. I’m finding it a pain to upload pictures right now on the computer so I will upload a picture of the label from my ipad later).

I am hoping to make a hat to go with the scarf, my dad lives in the city & he walks or takes the bus everywhere. I’m hoping these will help keep him warm during this upcoming cold and snowy winter.

Have a great day folks!

(Hey that only took an hour, not bad considering I’m using a split keyboard!)

Check yourself

So I hate having to post this stuff, I think I posted a similar story a few years ago but as my blog views have doubled since my first craft fair where I had cards with my blog address on it, I am hoping that perhaps the person who this concerns reads my blog.

Heading home this morning around 8:50 after a quick visit to the school, I was on the road that is adjacent to my own, probably about a mile and a half from my house. The car in the opposite direction started slowly moving over to my side of the road, I almost went into the ditch avoiding this car before the driver finally pulled back into her own lane. 

She was close enough that I could see her head look up right before she turned her car back into her own lane . She was texting and driving. 

If you text and drive here is the thing, you risk the chance of seriously injuring or killing someone else or seriously injuring or killing yourself. It won’t be just one person you are hurting either, all the family & friends of either yourself or the person you hit will also be affected. Or maybe nothing will happen at all, but why risk it?!

Please don’t be selfish, put your phones away while you are driving, the text you are sending or receiving isn’t worth it.
Thank you. 

An egg an egg

Yes folks, one of the backyard hens, is finally laying eggs! We’ve gotten three so far

We are very happy about this, one more thing to knock off the grocery list and I will tell you I am very grateful for that. We have cut our grocery bill in half this month and my husband no longer cries when he looks at the bank account.

Well after Carricks sad passing last week, Leif decided to try and cheer me up, however not six year olds grasp the concept of death and after trying to explain to him that he could not bring Carrick back to life, we decided to get a new baby for the kids. It’s still hard for me, I miss my rabbit very much, but this new girl has kept my son from his further attempts to recreate Stephan Kings ‘Pet Sematary’.

So introducing Brontë

Who at first was afraid to leave her little house

Then ventured out for some water (this took 24 hours to occur)

She is still skittish, but she ventures out every once in awhile. Brontë is a jersey wooly, the kids are in love with her…I’m still adjusting.

If you happen to peruse Reddit, you may or may not have seen my picture today

We went out to move birds and the sun was rising, one of the pigs sat just at the right moment, I had planned to get a sunset picture from the other side, however I wasn’t able to get away from the stove to capture the moment. 

Tomorrow is the craft fair and I’ve added to what I already had in stock, minus the yarn, these are the goodies I have been working on

I also have another hat and several more headbands I’m currently finishing up. 

I won’t lie, I’m anxious for the craft fair to be over with because..well I couldn’t help myself the other day

I bought three of those new yarn cakes and I can’t wait to make something pretty with them.

Well folks, my keyboard isn’t happy tonight so I am going to end this here.

Have a great night!!


I was going to write an entry about the up and coming craft fair, I was going to post pictures of all the things I’ve actually finished for the fair, and I was going to post about my excitement. Sadly now I come to post about losing a pet.

When you live on a farm, the death of animals you are raising for meat should be something you are used to, it’s right there in your head. “Okay, this animal is going to help us eat through the long winter months, it will help us save money on groceries so we can afford more fuel to heat the house. We will spoil it with good food & attention, but it is still food”

However then there are the other animals, the ones to help guard your home, keep critters away, provide snuggles, and warm fur. Those are the animals, whose passing can really hurt.

Yesterday evening after a very short illness (not even 24 hours), Carrick passed away. I had no idea he was sick, I interact with him every day. Holding him, feeding him, moving him to greener grass. 

I’ve never lost a rabbit to an illness before, I’ve had them escape when I was younger, I lost one to an owl when I was a little girl, my last rabbit I had for over 10 years before it passed from old age.

Rest in peace Carrick, I hope you are hopping around enjoying greener pasture.