The wedding quilt

I finished a thing or two recently. First being the long awaited quilt that was to be a wedding gift for my best friend…the one who just celebrated her three year wedding anniversary

For the most part it was finished, then..well let’s be real, my mental health went down hill. The death of my grandmother and then my big dna surprise, followed by everything from my childhood catching back up with me and my cptsd diagnosed, I sunk into depression. I won’t say I’m 100% better, but look the binding is finally on and it’s finally finished. It’s been washed, dried, and arrived at my best friends house this afternoon!

Along with this hat for her young son, it didn’t turn out like the picture in the knitting pattern, but it he loves it.

This was worked on last weekend while we were without power, like many other people in New England

Snow started at our house around 9 am Saturday morning, while it was raining in the rest of my town. So while my neighbors ended up with 2-3 inches of snow well…

We were blessed with a bit more. Not that it bothered me one bit 😉

I have two more blankets to finish before Christmas, nothing crazy I’m just adding ribbon to fleece blankets as edging. That’s about as crazy as I am going to get. I also have another project I just started, something I’ve never done before in my life.

I keep seeing rope baskets everywhere, I had seen some for sale online but the customer pictures did not impress me, so I decided it was time to attempt my own. I purchased 400 yards of cotton laundry rope and well, time will tell but I am hoping to make this big enough for all the living room blankets….then maybe I’ll make another for more yarn, because what not?!

Have a great weekend folks!!!

Just being

As winter nears we prepare for snow, garlic planted, hoses and fencing put away and getting the winter coop ready for chickens and ducks.

Unfortunately this year we have had to take part of a day posting the property. We have no problem with hunting, but sadly this year has been huge for people treating our property poorly. Partying in our fields, leaving trash behind.

We had signs up that were ripped down, while waiting for new ones to arrive we experienced a whole new level of disrespect. A hunter parked right on our front lawn, right behind the treehouse. Claiming a neighbor told him it was okay. People like that ruin it for everyone. If you are hunting on someone else’s land, please be respectful, ask permission.

Ailey has a love/hate relationship with Soot, some days she will play with him or allow him to lay next to her (as you can see, this clearly makes him happy) other days, it’s a no go.

I’ve been digging into the binders given to me by my sister, reading old letters and looking at pictures. Including this one of my great grandmother

And a picture of my grandfather

And then my biological father

So many pictures to see, so much new family history to catch up on.

Hope you all have a SAFE and wonderful week! Have a great evening folks!

Also I apologize for any typos, I got glutened last night and the brain fog has kicked in and my hands do not want to cooperate. Celiacs for the win 😭

Birthdays and Visitor

Well friends, my youngest child has finished up another trip around the son. He is now, as he says, a preteen.

He’s gone from a sweet little boy
To a silly comedian to be

We had a small celebration at home of course, with his last minute cake of choice. He changed his mind several times over the weeks and the week of, it was changed several times in one day. “Whoopie pie wait! Rice crispy cake…actually strawberry cake”

GF vanilla cake with homemade strawberry buttercream frosting is where we eventually ended up.

We recently had a surprise visitor, if you follow me on IG you would have seen our fluffy friend who made itself comfortable on our breezeway

Hello friend!

We’ve had another furry creature wondering around outside recently as well.

Soot has ventured out a few times, staying close to the house, and of course being watched ever so carefully by “Mama” Runa to ensure he doesn’t get into trouble.

I’m happy to say I have finished THREE crafty things this week 🎉 for this year, that is a rather large accomplishment.

Potted plant cozies

This one friends, I feel took forever. I don’t know if it’s because it got annoyed having to pick bits of plastic out of it while I spun or if it was because I have been down for months. I’m sure it’s a combo. I do know it’s not my favorite.

This is from the Atlantis and Poseidon colors I picked up last year in Virginia. 524 yards 😳 happy to have my wheel back to move on to other things.

Like the romney that has been sitting around forever or you know, the luscious 12+ oz of polworth/silk braids I picked up the other week from Port Fiber. Also there is probably 100lbs of wool sitting in tubs in my basement ready to be spun up.

One way or another it will get spun up I’m sure. The days are getting shorter and unlike the last two years I am no longer working, as the resort restaurant closed. That frees up a lot of time to spin, knit, crochet, sew, and hopefully weave.

Well folks I hope you have a great weekend and we will end here with a picture of last nights beautiful sky

A trip to the ocean

In another attempt to just get myself together, Toph and I had a much needed day date. When asked where I wanted to go, I already knew he answer, the ocean. Having just been to Portland the prior day to visit my dad and stop at Port Fiber (like I need more fiber right?!) We hopped in the truck and made the two and a half hour drive to Damariscotta Maine.

To on a hike
Which lead to the ocean
Where we watched boats pull up traps.
Then it was off to a light house
To watch the waves crash upon the rocks
And to have a photo taken with one of my favorite humans
Followed by dinner and a exquisite Sunset

It was very much needed, I love being near the oceans. The waves, the smells, the peacefulness of it all. I felt rejuvenated and ready to get things done.

Like this quilt I made for my best friends wedding…they just celebrated their three year anniversary.

Though I have no pictures, the binding is currently pinned on and ready to go. That’s the final step, I feel like it shouldn’t have taken so long to do the binding when the rest of the quilt took three months but here we are.

Halloween was spent at home, with mom approved candy and a game of cards

Soot enjoyed helping
And then passed out in my arms like a wee baby.

I hope you are all finding ways to relax and breath today. Have a great day folks!

Not to jinx anything

Everything has been going smoothly since I last wrote. We had a small harvest this year, despite the large garden. The drought complicated things. We had a third of the amount of potatoes, some zucchini, turnips, and well radishes that no one in the house cares for.

I’m trying not to stress about it, I’m working really hard to just relax and chill out. I ended up with a stress induced ulcer, which means no coffee, bacon, chocolate, among other things 😭 so I need to be zen all the time so I can heal up and coffee can come back into my life 😂

We have a new family member who arrived yesterday

Welcome to the farm Soot! Everyone is still trying to adjust, Ailey just doesn’t care.

Soot enjoys my mini Christmas tree. He usually can be found near it.

I’ve made some headway on my knitting and crochet while I’ve been relaxing

Foxy-Fox Mittens from Winter Knits from Scandinavia

A surprise that I am working on, I’ll tell you the pattern name when it is finished 😉 sadly this is going to be too small for me *ahem* up there. However I’ve enjoyed working on it so much I will definitely make another and go up a size or two in hook and yarn size.

Also look what finally made its way into my craft room from the barn

Now I can really start to play with it. Yes, that is bags of raw wool in the greenhouse. Alpaca, Finn, there is some Shetland in there.

More in here (expect the bottom, that tub is full of my kids baby clothes), plus I have four more tubs on shelves. I figured if I publicly shamed myself, I’d have to spend more time spinning it up.

Well folks, I hope you are having a wonderful week. Stay safe and healthy!

A few words and a lot of pictures

I think we can all agree, that this year has been too much. Too much fear, too much sadness, too much anger and I for one am ready for a change.

I have so much I want to write but again I sit here once again struggling. A week and a half ago I got news of the passing of one of my older brothers. He was a favorite of the family, well loved by all his siblings. Not yet 50 years old.

He was number four. Four deaths in five weeks. How does one pull themselves above the water long enough to catch their breath and sort themselves out mentally before the next wave hits?

Honestly I don’t know what else I can say right now, but I have pictures.


I’m not sure if it was a night spent under the sky watching hundreds of shooting stars, evenings just watching sunsets

lazy afternoons lounging the hammock that Toph surprised us all with, spending time with my animals

but I am feeling immensely better….it could also just be that my therapist is no longer on vacation and I have been bumped back up to therapy every week which I believe was much needed.

These last two weeks I haven’t pushed myself, I haven’t gotten angry with myself when something doesn’t go as planned. I’m a worried about things…the serious lack of rain yes, but it’s out of my control. So now I just take it one day at a time.

I’ve been occupying myself looking through boxes my oldest paternal sister sent my way, old letters, a journal my great grandmother kept when she was 12 lived in Paris for a year. Odds and ends, beautiful jewelry boxes filled with beautiful treasures

I pulled myself from my house for a trip that had nothing to do with grocery shopping or swimming in the river. Not five minutes from here is a thrift store, filled with odds and ends and lots of books. They were having a sale on old books and I knew if I went first thing in the morning there would be very few, if any people there, so off I went…in search of books you know 😉 and came back with more

Just different things here and there, I like old books and lamps. I love old blue china though until my kids are grown or I have a china cabinet, I don’t dare buy any for fear they will be accidentally broken. There for instead of spending $15 old the cup I really wanted, I settled for a $2 cup that is still equally beautiful…just not newer and less like to hurt if it is somehow broken.

We have had a house some guests recently, no matter how many times I send them out the door, they continue to turn around and come back in.

I don’t mind, I do love dragonflies.

I’ve added new knitting books to my collection recently, as well as some new knitting needles

Working on mittens with my brand new ChiaoGoo needles
And then this one, that just had my name written all over it.

I’m hoping, though with normal expectations, that life continues to carry on this way before anymore big changes happen. I just need to continue to breath.

Have a great week folks!

When it rains, it pours.

It seems every time I think I will get on a roll with things, life has other plans. This is the first time I feel like I have been able to sit and just be.

There were videos I started to record, they are waiting to be edited. There isn’t much content however, so much has gone on in the last four weeks, I didn’t feel right posting it in a video. I tend to ramble and say too much. It’s basically just farm content.

I will share a few things here, though I won’t add detail. I just want you to know what has been going on. While I have big dreams of peaceful farm life with my family, it doesn’t always happen how we want it.

Four weeks ago today, Toph was involved in an accident with Runa. He was riding the dirt bike and she ran into him. While Runa is just fine (confirmed by the vet), Toph has a broken collarbone and has been laid up in the living room recovering.

While in my big dreams, my children help out in the garden and with the animals. Reality is more of me taking care of the animals and breaking up fights every 5-10 minutes. So sadly my garden is a hot mess these days.

Two weeks ago a cousin passed away, we are still waiting for find out the cause. It was very unexpected and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.

Last week my nephew passed away after a long battle with cancer. It had been a almost ten year battle, but it still came as a shock. I had only known this nephew for a year and he left a big impression on me.

I haven’t really felt like I have had much time to get a grip on everything going on, it’s like a dominos effect, before you can get used to a new normal the next one falls.

At this time all I can do continue to focus on what’s going on here at the farm and continue to tackle the garden and figure out a way to keep my kids happy.

They are 10 & 13 now and they are kids dealing with not being able to see friends, not able to do the normal summer routine.

I think the entire world is having a rough time of it right now, I just want to say I am thinking of everyone. I hope you are all safe and healthy.

Also before I go, this one I feel is important at all times. Please teach your kids to cover their mouths when they cough. Leif and I both have comprised immune systems, however the grocery shopping is currently on me right now with Toph out of commission. This past Wednesday an unmasked teenager came up to me at the grocery store and coughed on me.

It’s just plain rude & disgusting in normal times, let alone right now. Let’s teach our kids better.

Have a great day folks, until next time.

Here, there, everywhere

I’m doing something a little different today. I started a Vlog, sometimes I have so much I want to say but due to sheer laziness, it has to sit in my head until I eventually forget what it is I wanted to write. So I thought, why not vlog?

I thought I would share with you my first vlog, I’m certain I will always add them here, but what I’m not certain of is how long will I keep vlogging for. I’m not good on camera 😂 but I am trying to break out of my shell a little.

CroKnitSewSocial Vlog 1

Hopefully I can become more comfortable behind camera, learn to edit, and next time have better lighting. I hope you enjoy my first vlog episode, all my rambling, tongue ties stumbling, and just general awkwardness 😂

Have A Great Day Folks!

New Friends and Birthdays

Recently Ragnar the Rooster made his way into our flock of chickens, not in the usual way of hatching, arriving as a chick, or being purchased. No, one day he arrived via box left at the end of our property. I have been wanting a new Roo for awhile, a protector for our girls and as it was hard to get new birds this past spring, I wanted to be able to hatch chicks of our own.

Ragnar is incredibly sweet, appears to be a young Easter egger. To whomever dropped him off, thank you. We can hold him without fuss and he is very friendly. This could have gone a different way.

We may have other new friends soon, as we found wild turkey eggs in the middle of our front yard one afternoon, no sign of a wild turkey anywhere. We hunted all around to return these eggs to the nest but had no luck.

Having no idea how to return them to their mother, we have stuck them under our broody Beauty, who yes once again has a desire to become a mother hen. Maybe she will get her wish. Before doing this we checked the laws, I had no desire to get into trouble of wild turkey eggs. However, thankfully no law has been broken and I really did not want to toss the eggs.

We have two birthdays this month, not human form but furbabies.

Ailey is reaching her 9th year. Her birthday is in two days.

This goofy girl will be two on the 29th. Runa has started to hit the “teen years” for sure. Chewing the (electric) chicken fence, digging holes, and ignoring commands. Sigh we will get there, she was far too perfect in behavior and temperament up until now, I should have known 😂

Everyday the garden grows a little more. The rows of potatoes, corn, popcorn, squashes, and root vegetables are looking amazing. Tomatoes this year…well not so much. We are in a drought and have to be careful with watering. Rain appears often in the forecast, but we have seen very little of it this year.

Today however, today looks gloomy. There are dark clouds overhead an the weather app is still showing a storm 🤞 Perfect day to stay inside and work on a project.

Or two, providing my new knitting needles arrive today. While I generally have no issue with these wooden circular knitting needles that came cheap in a bundle, they don’t do so well when more than one strand of yarn is involved 🤷🏻‍♀️

Have a great day folks!

Prejudice is an emotional commitment to ignorance. – Nathan Rutstein