Tis the season

Well folks, The Nutcracker has come and gone in a flash. It was a very exciting time and I very much enjoyed meeting new people, and being on stage, and waltzing!! I love waltzing!! I am so glad I got to be a part of such a great show!!

In between rehearsals we got a tree, that was…slightly larger than excepted


When we found this tree in the woods, it looked as if it were only a foot taller then Toph, looks are deceiving, however it looks very beauty will the decorations on it.


Now that The Nutcracker is over, I have finished a few projects and trying to finish up a few more (the ones I am finishing up, I will post after Christmas).





These are the three alpaca scarves that I crocheted from the alpaca I spun up. I enjoyed making them (says the woman who proclaims weekly that she does not like to crochet).

Well folks, I hope you have a Merry/Happy whatever it is you celebrate, and if you don’t celebrate anything, well I hope you have fantastic day!!

If I don’t update again before Christmas, Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

Put on your dancing shoes

Hello *waves*, I am back from my unplanned sabbatical. We’ve had a few weeks of craziness going on here, and as a result I am still trying to catch up on sleep, so I can catch up on knitting & crochet projects.

First I just want to take a quick moment to talk about domestic abuse. I’m not going to go into full details, but I have a friend who over the past year has been a victim of domestic abuse, first with words, then with control, towards the end she wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone, including her child, and after came the physical abuse.

I am happy to say that, she has made it out of that relationship and will hopefully be getting help. I am hoping her boyfriend will be getting some professional help as well. If you know of someone who is being abused, as scary as it is, please speak up. You could be saving someone’s life.
I’ve never been more afraid, then when my friend banged on my window at 2:00 in the morning, I’ve never shaken so much sitting in my house with the doors locked and the lights off, waiting for the cops to arrive. My friend was crying and terrified, she is safe now, and will hopefully never have to go through something like that again.

If you are in an abusive relationship, there are ways out. Shelters, safe houses, or maybe even a family member or friend. No matter what, don’t take the blame for their actions, don’t make excuses for them. There is no excuse to verbally, mentally, or physically harm someone. Break the cycle.

Now on to something a little more uplifting and positive, and fluffy

I finally have 95% of my wool, silk, bamboo, seasilk, and tencel ready for either carding or spinning (either way it’s all washed, save for pound of Lincoln long wool).

I am ready for all of that to be yarn when we move next summer. I actually just finished spinning a pound of alpaca, yeah you read that right a POUND

I spun it up bulky and had a few mistakes, but that is all trial and error right?!




I am in the process of crocheting three scarves for a friend, with the yarn above. That too did not happen without a little trial and error, so I broke the rules. Yeah that’s right, I’m a crochet rebel. 6″ wide and 60″ down?! Heck no, 60″ wide and 6″ down is how I role, and the first scarf looks really good if I say so myself.

I’ll post a better picture when I am finished with all three.

I was hoping to have them done tonight, but guess what?! I have kids. They like to sit on my lap when they see me working with yarn, they like to get out of bed twenty five times a night and when I set my alarm to go off at 5:15 in the morning with the thought of knitting, guess who is up half an hour before that alarm goes off?! You know what though?! I wouldn’t trade them for all the yarn in the world, now that’s love.

I probably won’t write again until sometime next week, this week I have rehearsals and three performances of The Nutcracker!! I am super excited! If you happen to live in the North Western part of NH, you may or may not have seen fliers for it, and if you have, well what are you waiting for?! Go buy yourself some tickets! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday,

I have two finished items to share with you this week, and then I will leave you with a picture of Aileys latest obsession

Here is a batman hat I made, I think I’m going to sew the yellow circle on with black yarn and redo the bat, so I lied…semi finished project.

My bosom friend had an open house today, she sells party green products and she ordered something lights to put natural lip balm in.



Meet Kevin

Sure, he is in need of clothes, and more hair, and the more hair he needs will need to be trimmed, but he’s finished and the procrastination was what made making him take so long.

Unfortunately, Leif has been too under the weather to play with Kevin, but he had provided some comfort


Sadly Leif picked up a bug at preschool which caused us to have to cancel his birthday celebration. He is quickly mending and has only a runny nose and a cough left!

Lorelai has has been working on a couple of her own craft projects.



Here is a scarf/headband creation she made this morning.

We are co-knitting a gingerbread house together! Im very excited for the turn out!

Have a great day folks!

Over the river and through the woods!

I love November! The leaves, the good yummy food at Thanksgiving, sitting by a warm fire! Also, my second child, my wee little baby, will be five years old this week. What a way to start off the month!!

While I did finish the Elsa hat in time for Halloween

I did not finish the Mickey Mouse hat, however that turned out to be just fine, my friends little boy arrived as a pumpkin instead phew.

Last week my beautiful mulberry silk from Silk and Shine arrived! This is my second purchase from this etsy shop and I love this silk just as much, if not more than the last!!


Last night I arrived home to this beautiful seasilk (seaweed & silk) from Dyeing For Colour waiting for me in my mailbox!

So many ideas have popped into my head for the use of these lovely silks! I can’t wait to start spinning!!

As stated earlier, Leif turns five this week, I am currently finishing up his birthday present. ” I want you to make me a doll Momma”, he told me awhile back, so a homemade doll he shall get! I am just working on the last leg of the doll so I can sew it all together. I need to make some shorts and a shirt and add on the rest of the hair and it should be good to go and ready for him to open on his birthday party!

Have a great day folks!!!

Canine treats and fun with hats!

Folks, today I’d like start off telling you about a new business a dear friend of mine started up, Canine Confections. Cat and her now husband adopted a puppy named Rommel awhile back, and she recently started making homemade dog treats. We ordered two pounds of the pumpkin piggies, and Moose just loves them!

He loves them so much, that while normally he will sit still for treats, he starts running around in circles as soon as he sees the Good Dog bag!
If you have a special canine in your life, I highly suggest ordering some of these all natural, inexpensive treats!!
(I did not get paid for this review, I just wanted to share a truly awesome product that my dog gives two paws up!!

Well folks, it’s true, crochet is much faster for me than knitting, in fact I have finished two more hats and I have two more that I should be finished with my Friday!!


I made this Minnie Mouse hat as a birthday present for my niece’s second birthday! (Thank you to my bosom friend Ethel for the pictures), my niece is going to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween and her little brother is going to be Mickey, his hat is one I should have done by Friday!
You can find the pattern to this hat over at
Repeat Crafter Me

I also finished an adult size Anna hat for a friend who expressed interest in one

This hat took a little longer then expected, crochet makes my knuckles inflamed a lot more than knitting, but I worked through it!
You can find the pattern for this hat over at Rick a bam boo

I also have Lorelai’s Elsa hat/wig to finish this week! I bought a few pretty buttons to give it a little extra something!

We have had rain for the last week, with maybe two days of sunshine, on Sunday we went spent a semi rainy day town hunting (hunting for a town we want to buy a house in), and it was so surprising to go from our house where all leaves have fallen off the trees, to southern NH where the trees are covered with leaves! We are actually supposed to have our first snowfall this weekend!!
As much as I love this town and the early snow, we need to live in an area that has a longer growing season for veggies and hay. Hopefully we’ll find something that we love!

During yesterday’s rainy day, in between lessons, I managed to wash some of my Romney wool that I purchased in the spring, I washed it three times with blue dawn dish soap, and then rinsed with plain water three more times. I heated to the water up to 150 degrees on the stove (my water heater won’t turn up any higher than 120).

Before the first wash^

This morning, still wet

Some of the wool already dry.

This Romney feels soft and looks beautiful! I can’t wait to spin it up this winter!

Hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween folks!!

Fiber addict

I’ve had a couple of orders recently which I have been able to finish in no time


(Someone remind me why I don’t like to crochet?! It’s fast, easy, and I enjoy it while I am doing it…I’m weird, I know).

I took it upon myself yesterday to take the money I earned from hats to order some much wanted but not needed fiber.

Yes folks, we all know I have a fiber addiction. It’s not like I don’t have huge bags of alpaca…blue texel…romney….lincoln long wool, Shetland, angora, and bunch of other fiber that I can spin.

However, at some point over the night I was able to justify it, this fiber will just spun up, knit into something and sold. Problem solved.



Plus look at that beautiful fiber! Mulberry silk & seasilk. How could anyone pass that up.

I’ve made up my mind (so I don’t go back and purchase the merino that I found), that I will not browse etsy again until I have completed five orders, and finished spinning the alpaca.

Cross your fingers for me folks. This is a sickness…that I’m not sure I want cured.