Tubular stitching

Today I want to talk about tubular stitching and why I cannot for the life of me, find a tutorial on this subject. I can find tubular cast on, I can find tubular bind off, but I cannot find tubular stitch. Get with the program Internet.

There is a project I started years ago, when I got the very first Jane Austen Knits, it was a beautiful short stay

I love the look and it would look great with just about anything. Of course back then I got stuck on, you guessed, tubular stitching. So I decided instead to do and i-cord and in the end said f%}# it and focused on something else, because the i-cord stitch and I didn’t get along back then. That is until the other day when I decided to have another go.

I searched and searched for tubular stitching and found zip, zilch, zero. Then my brain said “hey, try this” and “this” worked and I photographed “this” to show you how I sort of figured out how to do a tubular stitch. 

So today, I bring to you a (maybe, possibly but hey it works) tubular stitch…..now would be the time to take a bathroom break or get something to eat or drink, there are a lot of pictures. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Ready?! Good!! Let us get started shall we.

Ok, so I’m using bulky yarn and who knows what size needles, but anything will do. These are just easier to see. So you will be using three double pointed knitting needles.

Cast on three stitches, and then do three kf&b (knit front and back). You don’t know this stitch?! Don’t worry, I have you covered!

Knit the first stitch, but do not lift the yarn off of your left needle.

  Instead take your right needle and go through the back of the yarn, and knit again. 
So now I have four stitches, I’m going to KF&b twice more and when finished, there will be six stitches total

Tada, it’s like magic. 

So here comes the hard trick part

Let’s call our needles A. B. & C. Needle A has all the stitches on it. Now you needle to knit 1 stitch onto needle b.

Then you need to pick up needle C

And knit a stitch onto it.  

So bring the yarn in between needle b and c

Because if you do it like this  

 That’s going to turn out all funky and it won’t look right at all. So no, bring the yarn between and knit another stitch onto needle b and another on needle c, and b & c again until you have this

It’s going to take a few tries, the needles will slip, you may get frustrated, and you may swear and that is okay. You may also get it the first time and if you do, you are my new hero.

So here comes the easy part, now it is like knitting in the round…sort of.

So by now needle a has nothing on it, so go ahead and knit all of the stitches off of needle b (or whichever needle has the working yarn), then when that needle has nothing on it, knit all the stitches off the next needle (stitch markers are great here by the way). And keep going and going until you reached your desired length

Now this looks the same on both sides

Here is the actual project when I started  

 See, front, side, and back all look nice and clean. When I finish it, I’ll come back and tell you how to bind off.

Now you can also do an i-cord.

With the i-cord you could either cast on three and do the kf&b three times or you could cast on six sitches. This requires only two double pointed needles.

Now knit all the stitches

Don’t turn the work,  you want to slide these stitches down to the other end of the needle 


Bring the working yarn up and knit the stitches onto the next needle and repeat.


  Back (not pulled tightly).
I hope that this tutorial works well for you! 

Have a great day folks!!

Not just yet 

Life is full of ups and down and surprises and disappointments, sadly we did not get the house we bid on. We were outbid by a good chunk of change and alas the hunt goes on. I recently came across house online that looks rather charming, with privacy and land and I won’t lie, it is almost perfect….it doesn’t have electricity or plumbing, but it’s almost worth making an offer and doing those things ourself!

While we may not have purchased a house, I did make this hat for a friend in Nebraska. She had requested a hat a few weeks ago that I was not able to find a pattern for, after purchasing a pattern and hunting for a second cable pattern, I was finally able to pull this together!! Though I’m not a fan of making Pom poms, I think it turned out pretty well!!
Have a great day folks!

The waiting game

We put in an offer on a house in Southern NH!!!!   
(Lovely view from the kitchen, can’t you picture sheep in that field?!)
Unfortunately, another couple has placed an offer on the house, so today (and most likely tomorrow) we wait…It’s been a long time looking at houses and trying to find one for us that fits. Cross your fingers folks, this might be the one!!!
I’ve been getting a lot done in the past week, mainly to de-stress. See folks though I’m 31 years young and eat pretty healthy, I’ve been suffering chest pains and landed in the ER after an abnormal EKG, after blood work and a second EKG coming back normal, the only conclusion people can come up with is anxiety attacks due to stress. So I’ve been trying to de-stress

  I made a hat for a friend   

 I finished a baby blanket, my very first blanket ever! It’s the C2C blanket!
I’m currently working on a second hat, though after ten rounds of cables last night I realized that I had done the wrong 8 count cable stitch and had to take all the cables out *breath* oh well, I will start over again with a cup of tea and a smile.
Have a great day folks!!

The one where the sewing machine stopped working

We’ve had a good bit of rain the past two weeks and during one of those days I thought I would teach Lorelai to use the sewing machine. At first she was not very excited about it, however after picking a project (a pillow), and picking out some lovely soft fabric, she soon had a bounce in her step.

We pinned the sides together and went over to learn about and prepare to use the machine and low and behold, the hand wheel decided that it wasn’t going to move 😒, turns out the bobbin case was loose and was causing issues. After a cleaning, fixing the bobbin casing, dropping a screw in the machine, and then retrieving the screw, and putting it back together, the machine started to work. Phew! So we threaded the machine and suddenly the top thread decided to not pick up the lower thread. 

Needless to say, I’m not in the mood to mess with it. We will try again when the weather is a bit cooler and isn’t making everyone agitated.

We’ve been busy (as always).

We’ve graduated from preschool

And enjoyed nature   


I created two of my very own crochet hat patterns, which I am finishing the final touches and will then share pictures!!

I also picked up my lovely crochet hook last weekend and decided it was time to start my first C2C blanket

It got addicting fast


And I am now on the decrease!  This will be a baby blanket for someone who is due in three short weeks! 

For all of you who have tornado warnings (we are currently under watch), please stay safe!! I have many friends in many different states experiencing tornado warnings this week.
Have a great night folks!!

Tiny visitor

Whether a creature has been in our lives for a long time or a short time, it is always sad when they are no longer with us. 

This weekend we found this little critter stuck in the grate in front of our door on the porch

He arrived near sunset after the stores around us had all closed, all of our heat lamps were given away when we moved and we had no eye droppers. So we warmed a rice pillow for him and made a mush of water and buckwheat and gave him a tiny littlest pet shop bowl full of water. He made it through the first night, sadly the next day he walked around as if he were drunk. By the time Toph came back home with the much needed supplies, the little bird was weak and sadly he passed Sunday.

Leif sang him a song and then little bird was buried in the shade of a pine tree. We felt like failures, the bird may very well have had internal issues, who knows how it got to our front porch, but one can’t help but feel guilty that it did not survive :-(

After the little bird passed we took a six mile hike with the kids to enjoy nature and be grateful for it. We watched for birds and counted Lady Slippers (94!!), talked of the little bird and wished we could have done more. Leif stated that maybe baby bird needed his mommy to take care of him.

Life is too short, for the old and the young, no matter what creature you are. 

The one where the measuring tapes are missing

Once upon a time there was a young woman (hey I still get carded), who lived in a house that was large enough to have her own craft room, it was slightly messy (😂) and a little chaotic, but the woman knew where everything was and could find it within five minutes. Alas, it was time to move and the woman packed up her craft room and then moved to a slightly smaller house. The house was lovely but there was no room for a craft room and so while 90% of her craft room went to live in the garage, the other 10% was stretched out between the laundry room, basement, bed room (her entire closet is full of yarn…no joke), dining room, and living room. 

She could spend days searching for items and never find them….items like measuring tapes, she needed one but every.single.one was missing.

While the woman knew she could easily go to the store a buy a new one, the thought of driving almost an hour to get a gosh darn measuring tape got under her skin. 

That woman was me (surprise), did I go to the store and buy a new measuring tape?! Nope, I actually have a plastic lip edge ruler (yeah I looked it up), and used a piece of yarn to help figure out what I was trying to measure…I’m sure some day when I need to go into town (Saturday, dance registration), I will get another (5 more) measuring tape(s).

One day I will have another craft room, not sure when. Sadly the last house we looked at (like many others) was a bust, over 100 acres of land but you could stick a knife up through the beams holding up the basement 😳. That wasn’t caught on the first walk through.
Have a nice day folks!! 

Always on the go

Last week was full of final dance classes, rehearsals, and recitals, with a smidge of house hunting on top! Yes folks, with the exception of an invitation to dance tomorrow, it is time to hang up our dancing shoes for the summer (or until dance camp at least). 

My phone decided that for an entire day, it was not going to turn on. So I borrowed Toph’s old phone and thus, blurry pictures.

The kids enjoyed the recital, I believe Leif’s favorite part was the (very long) bow he took at the end. Now that dance is over, I’m hoping that means we get to sleep in on Saturday mornings.

  I started to spin up some wool I bought hot of the sheep last spring, I dyed it awhile back and I’m not sure I care much for the colors, but it is spinning up nicely. I am trying to get everything spun up so it is easier to move when the time comes.
This last week has been so busy, I’ve only been working on this Tunisian crochet pillow case, not because I needed a new project like I need a kick in the head, but because it’s easy and doesn’t require that I carry around my entire knitting bag, and I needed an easy project this week that didn’t require changing colors, changing stitches, or carrying around pattern. 

On the house front we have found an awesome place and that is all the details that I will give because I’m afraid of jinxing myself.
If it’s hot where you are then stay cool, if it’s snowing where you are (happened this weekend) then stay warm.
Have a great day folks!!