This morning I awoke at 5:30 and just knew in my heart I had to make the other dress.


Within 3.5 hours, I had the pattern, & fabric cut and the dress pinned together.

I was hoping to sew it up tonight, but then this happened

ok I lied, I recut the top last night
This happened tonight

I am hoping to have at least ONE finished by tomorrow afternoon. Bachelorette party starts Friday, so we shall see which dress will be the winner!!!

Have a nice night folks!!

Oh dear

Sometimes we all have bad day, sometimes when you are having a particularly bad day, you should set all craft items aside…or you will end up having to make an whole new top for the dress you have been working on.

Yes my friends, in the middle of the last arm binding, things accidentally got ripped. I was already having a no so hot day and then bam, rip. In trying to fix this rip I only made things worse until I eventually gave up and tossed the unusable dress top into the trash.

I cried, a lot. I blubbered like a big old baby. Then I took a deep breath. You know why folks? I’ll tell you why. I always buy an extra yard if fabric just in case.
So tonight ( this happened yesterday and I’m in a far better mood today), I’m going to recut the top pieces, and I am going to get a good chunk of my dress top sewn up. You know why? Because I don’t give up ( okay, sometimes I do, but not this time).

I will be wearing this dress Friday night (buying another dress just in case).

You know what I did finish today?

This lovely owl mitten, I have more more to go!

We had our first ever family pictures done this past weekend and received the pictures in the mail today. I thought I’d toss a few up here.

Have a nice night folks!







Mommy had a meltdown.

Well folks, I have been getting a lot of spam comments, and when I say a lot, I mean 5-10 a day and it is starting to just get on my nerves a bit. So I read up on it and saw I could add a captcha plugin. Cool, great, lets do it. Well I didn’t realize that when I installed wordpress onto my computer it was .org and not .com. I saw the “Create a welcome entry post” and my heart started to race…

Did I screw up my blog?! Where did it go?!, it was then I realized my mistake. Not even sure that I want to yet again move my blog from one place to another. I guess I’ll have to figure out another way to keep the spammers at bay. I wonder if I just go back and delete the one blog they keep commenting on, if they will stop, alas that is probably just wishful thinking.

I worked on my dress a lot yesterday, I had never done a neck or arm binding before, so I am pleased with the current turn out.

I did have a bit of a panic attack yesterday, or as Toph would call it, a hysterical meltdown. You see, I have lost a lot of weight since I got my dress form and I guess it slipped my mind that my dress form is a bit bigger then I am. So when I slipped that dress on the form yesterday and couldn’t get the back close enough to where there would be enough room for a zipper, well yes, I had a meltdown.There were tears, hysterical sobs, lots of “WHHHHHHHHHHHHY”, and quickly searching on Amazon for dresses to ensure I would have something to wear next weekend.

I found nothing to suit my style, it was resolved (after Toph shoved a bunch of chocolate in my directions) that I would need to go try on a dress somewhere. I vowed however, that I would finish the dress regardless of whether it fit or not. After half an hour, I slipped the sleeves over my arms and sure enough the dress fit.

Will I finish the dress? I sure the heck will. Will I have it finished by next Thursday…that depends on the weather but I am hoping so.

Well Folks, I will leave you with my latest knitting project. My Pal Shanna (Who just moved back to the land of snow) asked me to make her a pair of mittens. This is the first.

I used to be better at this.

Between warm summer days that keep me outside, kids that keep me busy, and a demanding cat who just turned three and is as off the wall and high maintenance as ever

I haven’t been getting much done craft world wise….some but not much.

We’ve been going for walks and picking berries


Playing with cousins





And enjoying ourselves at the local fair


…well some more than others, I made the unfortunate mistake of looking down yikes!!

I have managed to work on a few things during the rainy days

Such as Leif’s doll
And with help from my grandmother

A dress for an event I am attending soon.

I have many things to work on, maybe I should start waking up early again :-)

Have a nice day folks!!

I’ve been everywhere

just realized some pictures are duplicated and out of order, forgive me. I updated from my phone, and will fix them tonight

Phew never ending, just got home from a trip to Ohio. Toph’s grandmother passed away last year and her house is being put on the market. So we drove over for one last family reunion, as chances are with starting a farm (sooner rather than later), we won’t be going anywhere far from home.

I’ll give you a quick update on the fiber I re-dyed, and then a picture of what I have been working on.

Dyeing with food coloring take two

The colors aren’t quite the same, but in the end it turns out that it didn’t matter


You see, I went into it all wrong, sure I read about dyeing with food coloring, but I didn’t read that parts where plant based fibers dye differently then animal fibers. I need acid based dyes, I don’t have any, however I do like the turn out of this (bamboo/silk/merino), so I think I’ll spin it and see what happens.

I may have mentioned on our last trip, that my husband’s driving scares me…okay well it’s the other drivers on the road that scare me, he just has a habit on getting on people’s butt when they cut is off.
To cope I made this









I LOVE knitting gloves, sure the middle finger is one stitch too wide oops, and the thumb is a little wonky, but this was fun. I overcame my fear that I would suck at knitting gloves! Now I have all these ideas for patterns running through my mind.

I checked my wool when I got home last night


Hello algae, you were not expected. After talking it over with one of my guild mentors & friend, The conclusion is that the algae arrived due to the translucent tub. I will use a different one next time.

Here are a few pictures from our trip! Only two more trips left (bachelorette party & a wedding) and then I can take a deep breath and spent the next several months at home.

Have a great day folks!!













Well that’ll slow ya down.

I tried to experiment with hand painting rovings this week, I have dyed wool before (as you all know…that is if you have been reading me for long enough or heard it mentioned), but I had never hand painted any. The results were not as I was expecting. You see I forgot to add the vinegar until the very last minute.


I had every intention of re-dyeing it, but I had run out of food coloring. It was old and my kids get off the wall insane for weeks at a time when they have artificial coloring (and flavoring), so I hadn’t bought any in forever.

The town I live in is small but large….it’s small enough that there is one store…yes, just one. So if we needed anything like food coloring, we would have to drive to the next town over. Which as luck would have it, happened this very morning when I got to go visit the emergency room.

I have a very high pain tolerance, so when we were swimming at the river two days ago and I slipped and had a rock the size of my head fall on my foot, I just kind of figured it would hurt for a day and then it would get better (this is not the same foot that already hurts).

Oh sure it bled a little, and I let out of a stream of fowl language that made me glad that there was a waterfall near by or else there would have been an angry but hopefully understanding parents, having words with me.

They always say when you break your foot, you will know it. Like I said though, I have a high pain tolerance so I really couldn’t tell. However my foot was swollen, it snapped when I walked, I couldn’t (and still can’t) move my big toe, and the rest of my toes are all tingly and numb, my foot was on fire. Arnica was the reason I got sleep that night.

Yesterday, I still hobbled around, still in pain trying to tuff it out. So many times I have gone to the hospital for things only to be told that it was minor. It’s when I don’t go to the hospital that things like acute pancreatitis happens…(thank goodness I was already in the hospital for gallbladder surgery, because I felt nothing).

So finally after finding a walk in clinic that my phone showed was 30 minutes away, I told Toph that I’d toss dinner in the oven and I was heading over. He insisted on driving me, and it is a good thing. My phone thinks I live in Vermont…according to the GPS, said walk in clinic was actually two hours away. After hunting around and misinformation again, we ended up heading towards the hospitals walk in clinic (that turned into the ER) this morning.

I was in and out within an hour, and what do you think I was told? My foot isn’t broken, just bruised phew, when the swelling goes down I shall regain use and feeling in my toes. Until that point, lots of elevation.

Have a nice night folks!!

I haven’t jumped ship

I’m not sure what it is about turning 30, but I just feel like cleaning all the time, and it’s really starting to take away from my knitting and sewing time. Not that I didn’t clean before, but I always cleaned and then knit when the kids were busy with their own things.

However unlike the last house, this house is in good shape, and isn’t falling apart. I feel proud of it. Now I finish the normal chores and spend my free time trying to find something else to clean. At this rate, I will never finish anything :-P

No, that’s not entirely true. When the kids go to bed at night I get to work on a few projects, such as this hat I started working on for my niece

Unfortunately, for some reason every now and then my brain thinks the rules of knitting don’t apply, in this case I stupidly stopped in the middle of a row (the row starts at the red stitch marker), I happened to leave off at the purple stitch marker and confused myself. I took the row out and attempted to fix it and ended up two stitches short.
After trying twice to find where I made the error, I gave up, added to stitches and gave the top of the hat a bit of character.

The rules of knitting stopped applying yesterday as we drove to a graduation party for Toph’s cousin, I made her a hat before we moved (a few posts back), and decided to make a scarf as well. However halfway through I realized that I had started knitting the pattern on the wrong side, so that will be a present for when she starts college in the fall.

We have had a lot of rain here as of late, which is exactly what I needed to start cleaning that fleece I bought a few months back.

While it wasn’t a 100% ideal place to be catching water! it certainly did the trick


I placed my bin over at the edge of the woods and made who knows how many trips with a large cooking pot, transferring the water from one bin to the other, until the first bin was light enough to drag over to the second.


I couldn’t seem to get the wool 100% under the water, so I laid plastic on top and covered the plastic with the rest of the water in hopes that it will do the trick.
And now, we wait.

If I had more fleece to clean, I could just start all over as we are expecting rain this week, thunderstorms every day, except for Tuesday. Now that doesn’t really bother me all that much. My only issues is, our phones have no service here. We do have a tower in the house that helps a little, but when it is cloudy, zip.

The kids and critters don’t seem to mind though


They could stay out in the rain all day if we let them, not during the thunderstorms mind you, but they enjoyed a torrential downpour last week.

Here are a few more pictures to enjoy




Have a nice night folks!!