Procrastination station

Hello friends, let me introduce you to my life long friend, procrastionstion. While procrastionstion has been busy keeping me from working in Hobbes, it has in the last week allowed me to start and complete a few other projects.



Though this one is supposedly for sizes newborn to three months, and I used a bigger hook than what it called for, I’m pretty close to calling bs on the sizing. So I held a contest on my regular Facebook page, people with babies newborn to zero ahem Three months entered and it will be heading out hopefully tomorrow (we’re once again sick, so that is a big hopefully.)
I also made my first crochet flower button

And for my final trick, I started the Dragon Watcher’s Hood from Tiny Owl Knits. Using this beautiful warm wool yarn that was part of a package of goodies sent to me from Alaska from my second cousin.

At first I had a small issue with the pattern that stumped even Stephanie (TOK),  


But as it turns out, if a pattern change happens and it’s not in bold, then it doesn’t catch my eye.

However, after taking all the stitches out all the way down to the brim sigh I managed in two days to finish the hood, and now all that is left is to knit the two Icords, add bells, and sew them on.


I was hoping to get the icords done tomorrow on our next house viewing adventure, but alas I am going to stay home with the wee sick children and Toph will head on out his own, in search of our farm.
Have a nice day folks!!!


After months of waiting to be able to purchase my domain name, and a week of dealing with code, knowing that some of my readers weren’t able to find me (my views went down drastically from 15 a day to maybe 1 if I am lucky), I am now back!!! No more nope, I’m all .com!!

Happy Birthday to me! (Literally, I’ll be thirty one in one minute)
Have a nice night folks!!

I know why silk yarn is expensive

It’s because it’s hard to ply 

I tried so hard not to waste any of it, but after thirty minutes of struggling, I lost about half a foot (finally untangled the part I cut after I finished plying)


14 wpi (wraps per inch), and the yardage is not long, about 47 yards. However I had a one oz roving, so the yardage isn’t surprising. 

The ears aren’t sewn on, but I swear they are the same size!!! Leif’s hobbes is finally looking like a tiger, and despite my sudden disinterest in anything to do with yarn this week, (it’s cold again, and I don’t want to remove myself from the confines of heavy blankets.), I will continue until this project is complete.

Yesterday we looked at farms, only two stood out, but alas one was in need of a big upgrade for heating issues, so that leaves us with our front runner (for now, looking at a few more next week). So folks of NH, if this fireplace looks familiar  


Congratulations, we are seriously considering making you an offer on your beautiful home (also, I saw a gray dear while walking the property, I’ve never before seen a gray deer!). If this your farm is for sale, and this isn’t it, fear not we are still checking out a few other options before we make our final decision. 
Have a nice day folks!!

Easements are killing my dream

Lets talk about easements folks,  once easements used to be put in place to stop developers from turning farmland into shopping malls and condos. I can get behind that. 

But it seems people are trying to use easements to their own advantage these days. We recently came across an amazing house that came with a conservation easement, I’m all about conserving land and restoring it, however this easement came with rules that I’m just not down with.

  1. Not allowed to drive a tractor on the property that I purchase 
  2. I’m not allowed to repair current or add a new structure. 
  3. The grantor, their heirs, lawyers, and their heirs for years to come, are allowed to build a vacation home with a swimming pool….they can put a swimming pool on land that I am paying for, but if a barn is falling down, well that’s just too bad.

Let me just add, that this house had three hundred acres and we were only allowed to touch 10 of it. I think not.
This last week we fell in love with another house, this one had thirty acres and it seemed to fit perfectly….until our realtor emailed us the land deed

  1. Horses and cattle only
  2. Not allowed to put a trash can out for the garbage man, because it is unsightly 
  3. No cutting down trees for firewood.

Now if we found a farm with an easement that stated “no condos, apartments, or strip malls shall be built, no pesticides, insecticides, or chemicals shall be sprayed” then heck, we are you’re people.
So there you have it folks, if you are selling a farm in New Hampshire and you have a crazy easement on it, good luck to you. If you are trying to sell a farm with a reasonable easement, well chances are, your house is on the list of houses to be viewing next week.

Exciting things happening around here!

Hello spring, I’ve missed you and I am glad you worked through your identity crises in order to bring us this beautiful weather.

For several days, I would wake up to see this outside my kitchen window



And than three hours later, I would look out my living room window and see this



Thankfully Mother Nature pulled herself together and we have been playing outside, sans coat for a week now!! 

I’ve been able to get some crochet done outside while the kids ride around in their power wheel jeep


Hobbes has come a long way, though we had a small accident with his underbelly Monday. Lorelai and I decided to be silly and skip out of dance class, well halfway to the car and 


The yarn decided to take a swim in a puddle, thankfully it has dried out since then, and is ready to restart the underbelly.

Today I am going to take a minute to thank a farmer, while we are still on the search for the perfect farm (news about this coming up), we have been getting all our meats from a farmer friend down the road. He and Toph have become great friends and we have learned a lot. Well, our on Sunday our awesome farmer friend sent my husband home with this beautiful wool. He traded the wool from his sheep to a neighbor who gave him this wool in exchange, he was just going to compost it but gave it to me instead.



No idea what sheep this wool is from, I want to say Romney but I can’t be sure. Anyway I will ask next time I see him. Thank you farmer friend, for feeding my fiber addiction!! You rock!!

So exciting news…..are you ready?!

Yesterday we met with a realtor! Next week we go look at farms! Yes, finally we are ready to purchase a house and purchase a cow (or two, & pigs, & alpacas, & sheep) I am very excited about this, we’ve spent months scouring the Internet, had conversations with a couple realtors about houses before, but now we are in full on house hunting mode. I’ve even packed away all winter items in boxes, ready to toss onto a moving truck. 

Have a great day Folks!!!

April showers bring May flowers

Unless you live here, and then you get several days of snow. Yes, even though it is warming up (50 yay!!), and the snow and ice are melting (yay again!!), we are still expecting five days worth of snow infact. I’m crossing my fingers that it will all change between now and Saturday when it is supposed to start, as I am seeing four days of 1-3 inches and then a day that says 3-5. 

We need sunshine, and grass, and Carrick needs to stretch out his bunny legs.

I started crocheting a hobbes for the newly obsessed Leif, last night I finally finished the first part of the body and realized, I had done a double crochet instead of the single crochet mentioned in the pattern, I don’t think Leif will mind too much, Hobbes will just be a little bigger.


I’ve also gotten more done on the cosplay costume for my friend, it still looks the same lol


This photo sadly does not show off the true color of the yarn, it is actually a gold color. I am almost ready for the next color, I am just waiting for my friend to decide which colors he finds the most fitting.

This past weekend I finished a project and with this project I am going to be sharing a link. I don’t usually share GoFundMe pages on here. Usually I share them on my personal page, but this one is for a dear friend who I attended school with and she was my captain on our cheering squad. 


 This hat is for her son who was born early at 33 weeks, due to complications of preeclampsia. I share this gofundme for baby Wyatt

Have a nice day folks!

Calvin and Hobbes

Leif has become pretty obsessed with Calvin and Hobbes lately, we read it before bed and when I go to wake him up in the morning I will find him passed out with a book next to his head. It’s cute really, and after reading the Pigeon Books by Mo Williems, every night for three months straight (No complaints Mo, we love your books), he decided that it was time to move on to a book that he couldn’t recite in a drop of a hat.

Yesterday, Leif informed us that from now on he would only be answering to Calvin and let me know he was in need of a Hobbes. As painting that cat orange with black strips was out of the question, I went on a yarn hunt in every yarn stash in my house

Don’t judge me.

After a long search, I finally found the perfect colors, which leads me to today. 

In between cough marathons, fits of sneezing, and the ache that is going on in my back after accidentally being kicked by a five year old this morning, I have been able to start the body of “Calvin’s” friend Hobbes….or should I safe Leif’s friend, as Leif has decided that he doesn’t really care much for Calvin anyhow.

Have a great day folks!!