Dragging days

It feels like the days are just slooooowly going by ever since our offer was accepted on the house. We had the inspection last week and was surprised to find at the town office after looking at a tax map, that although the house is listed as 88 acres, it is actually 95 😄

The inspection went well, there are a few things that need to be fixed that we knew about (new shingles, brick steps need to be replaced, two new windows, and the solar panels need to be replaced) and then things that we didn’t know about (chimney needs to be flashed, radon levels need to be lowered, and part of the septic needs to be replaced), but hey we knew going into this that there were going to be things that needed work.  At least we finally have a house!!

I’m ready to start packing and moving but the problem is, there is no place to put boxes. Our garage is full of unpacked boxes from our last move, our closing date isn’t until October 30th, and we just have no room to place boxes.

I keep teasing myself with pictures of my craftroom that happens to join the greenhouse.

I just have to breath and focus on other goals to help the time go by faster.

Goals such as hats

This is a hat ordered from a friend’s co-worker. It is my first intarsia and it drove me mad, but it is finished and ready to go!

I am also working on Lorelai’s Halloween costume 

Not much to show right now, this particular piece is one of the skirt panels, it has actually tripled in size since I took this picture.

I’m still plugging away on Hobbes, and awaiting an order of 18 sizes of circular knitting needles 😁 so I can start working on some socks!!

Have a great day folks!!


Thirty three days ago I saw a house on a realtor site, 16 days ago we looked at the house, yesterday we went under contract!! Yes folks we did it, we finally found a beautiful 88 acre forever home! 

The land needs a little conditioning but that’s what manure is for, am I right?

Have a great weekend folks!!

Free time

School started last week and I have suddenly found myself with spare time to work on projects. Lorelai decided she wanted to test out the public school waters again, Leif decided that he was having more fun acting like he had eaten a bag of sugar, rather than working with me on well…anything really, so we thought he might also do better in a classroom. So now, the house is a bit quieter and while Toph told me he would walk all over the floors after I just washed them, and every once in awhile will scream “Get out of my room” from his office, I still find the silence to be a bit lonely.

However as I said, after all the cleaning is done for the day, I am able to sit down and work on projects. For example, I had started to crochet a Hobbes a few months back. apparently I had decided to do my own weird crochet stitch and forgotten what I did, so I started another Hobbes, a knitted Hobbes this time.

IMG_1801 IMG_1853 IMG_1972

I was really excited that I was able to figure out the feet! I have trouble with socks, but this has been knit with the turkish cast on and was very easy.

I also started the Virus Shall, I keep seeing it everywhere and my mind wouldn’t let me concentrate on anything until I gave it a try.


I’m actually two rows further than I was when this picture was taken, however I had to wipe my phone to prepare it to be sent off to Apple to go get a new battery and to get the sleep/off button replaced.

This past Saturday I was lucky enough to attend a dye day workshop with Carol Felice at the Remick Museum in Tamworth NH, if you live in or are visiting New England it is worth a trip to go check the museum out!


We went out into the gardens and picked Goldenrod, Amaranth, and Marguerite. We used those flowers along with the goldenrod leaves, hollyhock, and marigolds to dye skeins and rovings of Navajo Churro wool.

The results were lovely


l-r Goldenrod leaves, Amaranth, Marguerite, Hollyhock (gray and blue), Goldenrod flowers, and Marigold (orange ball of yarn).


It was a long fun day and worth the drive!

Now folks from my new office


I hope you all have a great day!!

The often absent “blogger”

That’s got a fitting ring to it doesn’t it?!

Hello folks, I’m back and I’ve missed you all. I didn’t mean to take off, but we have been having a fun busy summer filled with trips to the park and plenty of outdoor fun


Toph and the kids built a fort

We’ve been berry picking 

And tubing down the river

Toph has been making ginger ale 

  And I have been canning
And I’ve managed to get some crochet work in!!

A friend asked for a cabbage patch hat for her daughter a couple of weeks ago, I was a little unsure about it at first having never done loops, but I just did a basic crochet hat and the loops turned out easier then I thought they would 

I’m actually pretty proud of myself considering I went by pictures.

I also decide to give granny squares another go, which not only turned out well for me 

But I spent this past weekend at the home of my bosom friend for her 29th birthday and taught her how to make a granny square and well, she has surpassed me. It took me months to figure it out, she is a pretty fast learner

First on the left and second on the right, when I came home today I received a picture of two more squares!!

See folks!! She is amazing!!!

After all the other crochet I have been doing, Leif demanded that I continue on with his blanket, which turned out to need two more skeins of yarn, sadly that limelight Caron simply soft yarn was discontinued or so they told me at the only place around here to get yarn (you’re not in Kansas anymore Dorthy 😭). I wasn’t about to pay twice as much on Amazon, so we picked a second color. 


I think it’s coming along rather nicely! 

As the summer is slowly coming to an end (the leaves have already started to change colors), I am still crossing my fingers that a house will come our way, this week will be another week of looking at potential properties where we can grow our own food, which will help me to stop crying over the grocery bill every time I exit the store. It’s amazing how much you can save when you have a garden. 

I’m picturing fields of sheep whose wool will become fluffy blankets, cows grazing happily on the lawn, pigs and chickens, and more. Here’s hoping!!
Have a great week Folks!!

Tubular stitching

Today I want to talk about tubular stitching and why I cannot for the life of me, find a tutorial on this subject. I can find tubular cast on, I can find tubular bind off, but I cannot find tubular stitch. Get with the program Internet.

There is a project I started years ago, when I got the very first Jane Austen Knits, it was a beautiful short stay

I love the look and it would look great with just about anything. Of course back then I got stuck on, you guessed, tubular stitching. So I decided instead to do and i-cord and in the end said f%}# it and focused on something else, because the i-cord stitch and I didn’t get along back then. That is until the other day when I decided to have another go.

I searched and searched for tubular stitching and found zip, zilch, zero. Then my brain said “hey, try this” and “this” worked and I photographed “this” to show you how I sort of figured out how to do a tubular stitch. 

So today, I bring to you a (maybe, possibly but hey it works) tubular stitch…..now would be the time to take a bathroom break or get something to eat or drink, there are a lot of pictures. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Ready?! Good!! Let us get started shall we.

Ok, so I’m using bulky yarn and who knows what size needles, but anything will do. These are just easier to see. So you will be using three double pointed knitting needles.

Cast on three stitches, and then do three kf&b (knit front and back). You don’t know this stitch?! Don’t worry, I have you covered!

Knit the first stitch, but do not lift the yarn off of your left needle.

  Instead take your right needle and go through the back of the yarn, and knit again. 
So now I have four stitches, I’m going to KF&b twice more and when finished, there will be six stitches total

Tada, it’s like magic. 

So here comes the hard trick part

Let’s call our needles A. B. & C. Needle A has all the stitches on it. Now you needle to knit 1 stitch onto needle b.

Then you need to pick up needle C

And knit a stitch onto it.  

So bring the yarn in between needle b and c

Because if you do it like this  

 That’s going to turn out all funky and it won’t look right at all. So no, bring the yarn between and knit another stitch onto needle b and another on needle c, and b & c again until you have this

It’s going to take a few tries, the needles will slip, you may get frustrated, and you may swear and that is okay. You may also get it the first time and if you do, you are my new hero.

So here comes the easy part, now it is like knitting in the round…sort of.

So by now needle a has nothing on it, so go ahead and knit all of the stitches off of needle b (or whichever needle has the working yarn), then when that needle has nothing on it, knit all the stitches off the next needle (stitch markers are great here by the way). And keep going and going until you reached your desired length

Now this looks the same on both sides

Here is the actual project when I started  

 See, front, side, and back all look nice and clean. When I finish it, I’ll come back and tell you how to bind off.

Now you can also do an i-cord.

With the i-cord you could either cast on three and do the kf&b three times or you could cast on six sitches. This requires only two double pointed needles.

Now knit all the stitches

Don’t turn the work,  you want to slide these stitches down to the other end of the needle 


Bring the working yarn up and knit the stitches onto the next needle and repeat.


  Back (not pulled tightly).
I hope that this tutorial works well for you! 

Have a great day folks!!

Not just yet 

Life is full of ups and down and surprises and disappointments, sadly we did not get the house we bid on. We were outbid by a good chunk of change and alas the hunt goes on. I recently came across house online that looks rather charming, with privacy and land and I won’t lie, it is almost perfect….it doesn’t have electricity or plumbing, but it’s almost worth making an offer and doing those things ourself!

While we may not have purchased a house, I did make this hat for a friend in Nebraska. She had requested a hat a few weeks ago that I was not able to find a pattern for, after purchasing a pattern and hunting for a second cable pattern, I was finally able to pull this together!! Though I’m not a fan of making Pom poms, I think it turned out pretty well!!
Have a great day folks!

The waiting game

We put in an offer on a house in Southern NH!!!!   
(Lovely view from the kitchen, can’t you picture sheep in that field?!)
Unfortunately, another couple has placed an offer on the house, so today (and most likely tomorrow) we wait…It’s been a long time looking at houses and trying to find one for us that fits. Cross your fingers folks, this might be the one!!!
I’ve been getting a lot done in the past week, mainly to de-stress. See folks though I’m 31 years young and eat pretty healthy, I’ve been suffering chest pains and landed in the ER after an abnormal EKG, after blood work and a second EKG coming back normal, the only conclusion people can come up with is anxiety attacks due to stress. So I’ve been trying to de-stress

  I made a hat for a friend   

 I finished a baby blanket, my very first blanket ever! It’s the C2C blanket!
I’m currently working on a second hat, though after ten rounds of cables last night I realized that I had done the wrong 8 count cable stitch and had to take all the cables out *breath* oh well, I will start over again with a cup of tea and a smile.
Have a great day folks!!