A walk in our oasis 

Well the snow is back folks, as my bosom friend says “it only snows when you make plans”, and that certainly seems to be true! Friday I had plans to go visiting, and then we were hit with snow, yesterday I was lucky enough to get out & go grocery shopping with a friend, and made it home soon after it started snowing. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love snow, I am jealous of the amount of snow everyone is getting. I’m just learning that the weather people say sunshine, and that doesn’t apply to my house, because we live on top of a mountain, so it’s hard to plan day to day activities. 

This morning I had plans to go vote in the NH Primary (by the way, I endorse you all to use your minds and vote for who you want, & ignore the celebrity who says “vote this person”).

However the snow that was not in our forcast had other plans 

That is our driveway.

The plow trucks don’t seem to visit our road as often or maintain it as well as the do the main roads, so even if I had been able to make it out of my driveway in my car, it wouldn’t have done so well on my very steep road. Luckily my husband was able to get a good amount of the driveway with the snow blower, and after hearing that I was considering tossing on the snow shoes & walking to town, he put the truck in four wheel drive and away we went.

Speaking of snow shoeing, we spent some time over the weekend snow shoeing 3/4 of the boarders of our land, first we started off with the kids in tubes


But after awhile, the trees started to get in the way 


We found that we had a few springs on the property

 And experienced some sibling love  


We all had a lot of fun and the parents were certainly exhausted in the end. All my Saturday evening plans (reading, knitting, crocheting) went down the tubes & instead I spent two hours looking at seeds, because that is all the energy I could muster.

My sweater slowed down due to the quality of knitting needles I was working with. 18 sizes of circular knitting needles for $8 sounds like a great idea in theory, but it’s really not. It’s like going shopping for groceries when you are hungry, “why did I buy these?!”.

So, while I was out yesterday I stopped at one of my absolutely favorite yarn places, Nancy’s alterations and yarn shop in Conway, and purchased two pairs of circular needles and had to shield my eyes from the yarn because I want to buy it all but I need a new car…priorities 🙄😒

However here is my progress so far

Even Ailey appears to be a fan.
Have a great day folks!!

A few rows short of a blanket

Last time on ‘The Year I Made My Own Clothes’

  • I had an 8 year old
  • I was crocheting a mermaids tail blanket
  • I found some neat artwork
  • And we had a lot of snow.

Well, I now have a NINE year old 😳, the mermaids tail blanket is almost finished, turns out my girl had a bit of a growth spurt (I also apparently used the wrong size crochet hook for twelve rows 😭) so I am adding rows to the top

And I messed up the fin, go me. So while I have presented the mostly finished present to Lorelai (which is how we found that blanket to be too small), I still have a little ways to go.

However I have been enjoying every moment of it & I am excited to announce that I have joined the knitting group in town and I absolutely LOVE every minute of it. I haven’t been part of any group since the spinning guild two years ago, so I am happy to have been invited to join in and have made new friends! 

I started a new project this week (because we all know how great I am at finishing old ones, maybe I have a fear of finishing things…is that a phobia some sort?, I’m attached to the project so much that I can’t bear to finish it?!) 

Anywho (disclaimer for people who keep getting snarky with me, yes I meant to write anywho over anyhow, so simmer down!!)

I started the bluebell cardigan from Jane Austen Knits 2015 designed by Zsuzsa Kiss


(Picture curtesy of Intearweave’s Jane Austen knits 2015) 

Lorelai, the budding fashionista she is, chose the colors for me  

I’m using this Caron simply soft Harvest Red & the contrast color will be Caron simply soft Blue Mint. 

I won’t lie, this pattern was a little confusing at first because it called for something I had never heard of before, but after frogging six rows I finally figured it out and now it’s coming along. 

We are currently have strange weather here in New England, some people are getting hit with snow, while here in our part of NH we are having 50 degree days that is melting snow, today we had a mix of rain and snow, and sometime next week we will be getting snow again. 

 We are looking forward to spring however, we just got in the first order of seeds for our garden, with plans to place a second order sometime soon!

 I’m also looking forward to fluffy animals and hopefully spending some quality time with my hand carders and the insane amounts of wool I have sitting in my craftroom. I’m ready to be spinning again!!

This was the last thing I spun, seasilk back in who knows when!! 

Oh well, soon enough 😊

Have a great night folks!

    Luck of the draw

    It’s been awhile, I’m a jerk I know. Honestly I don’t know how other bloggers find the time to blog every day, I’m lucky if I can get a post in every week. Thank you for tolerating my lack of posts. 

    So the powerball, woo wee what a rush. I usually never buy lottery tickets, but I was feeling lucky last week so I bought a few and you know what?! I won $14 how about that. I picked my own numbers and the first time I picked them I screwed up and thought “hey, maybe it was a lucky screw up”, so then I wrote them all out correctly and did another pick your own and  then let the computer pick. The first ticket I screwed up and the second ticket each had THREE of the numbers. I’m going to take that $14 and buy some baby chicks. I’m wild, I know lol. That’ll probably be the end of my powerball playing though.
    The snow is finally here and with it comes new adventures. Lorelai is part of a ski program that happens once a week, I’ve signed up to be a volunteer and I’m actually having a lot of fun. First we tried cross country but there was a lot of falling, so we have switched to snow shoe. Just three kids in the group, myself, and another lady. We have also been snowshoeing on our property, where we have been finding a lot of tracks. 


    No idea what this print is right here, I’ve never seen it before and for all I know an animal could have picked up its foot and set it back down again giving us six toes lol.

    We have had a lot of deer action on the farm lately, chewing on the trees, the hedges outside our living room window, down by our brush pile. I found a deer bed while snowshoeing with Moose yesterday 

     Lorelai and I aren’t the only ones who have been testing out winter sports, Leif decided to give cross country skiing a try the other day, the skis are way to big but he enjoyed himself 

    I did a little exploring this weekend, our property has two houses, the house we live in, and then an old house that is filled with black mold and needs to be gutted. I don’t often go into the other house because of the mold and when I have gone in, it is generally for five minutes at a time. It’s like a museum in there with all the items that have been left behind  

    THIS was something I was not expecting, it was hidden away in a corner under old curtains, no idea if it works or not, but wow! A nice piece of history I’d say! I probably won’t go back in until spring when we gut the place, I hate to do it but it is a big hazard and it has to happen in order to make it not toxic.
    Okay it’s the time you’ve all been waiting for (I think?!) craft time 🎉

    Here are a few things I’ve been working on since the last time I posted

    I FINALLY made a sock, my first successful sock!!! I am so excited & proud! 

    I made a mitten, hoping to make a second after I finish Lorelai’s birthday present

    I made a scarf! No pattern either! I just kind of did my own thing ( does this count as my first pattern?!) 

    And I am currently working on a mermaid blanket which I am hoping to have finished by Saturday in time for Lorelai’s birthday party, her last year in the single digits (don’t mind that tear on my check I have allergies….)
    Have a great day folks, see you next week….maybe ;-)


    I finally have time to post and it’s thanks to this beautiful fluffy stuff falling down from the sky


    It started yesterday with a mix of freezing pellets, we couldn’t go anywhere by car (still can’t today due to the ice on our road), so I bundled up the kids and we walked over to the neighbors across the street, so all the kids could go sledding together. They own 230 acres over there, they don’t farm it but they had plenty of snowy hills to sled down and there was plenty of fun to be had. 

    I cannot be more excited, about the snow. I have been in the Christmas spirit for so long 

    I even hung tinsel garlands and let me tell you, I don’t care much for tinsel, but the excitement of decorating my house…my forever home, was just the greatest thing to me. No rules or restrictions…I can do whatever I want!!

    Now I have been meaning to write, I finished at least two of the three projects I had planned for Christmas, but I have a good excuse….I know I know, excuses are like…..well you know the saying, and everyone has them. Well things got a little haywire the week of Christmas, and I wasn’t expecting to have to renovate part of my kitchen.

    We had an old (1970’s) electric stove that was not cutting it, things were not cooking right and it needed to be replaced. We purchased a new stove the same day we closed on the house and had been waiting for the gas guy to come switch things around that we needed. Well he finally came and said “hey, you need to cut half an inch of both sides of your side cupboards and an inch in the top cupboard for it to be up to code. I’ll come back tomorrow”

    So we now have a new stove, we put the counter that had been on the otherside back and have decided that we are going to wallpaper the drywall and put in a spice rack and mount a pot rack on the wall. The kitchen certainly feels bigger since we took the cupboards out.

    So now back to projects, I did not finish the scarf, however I did finish the mitts


    For the most part anyway, I finished them Christmas Eve….or Christmas morning rather around two am. I just need to add the flaps to cover the fingers. These mitts were called Ragg Convertible Mitts by Meghan Babin, and I found the pattern in the interweave knits gifts 2015.

    And now folks, I leave you with this picture I snapped the other day. Ailey always attacks Moose when the camera comes out, but I was able to catch them in their true form while they slept.  

       Have a great day folks!! See you in the New Year!!


    I have been working my Christmas magic for the last several days and today my fine folks, for you I present the hat that I am 97% finished with *drumroll* 

    I’m in the process of doing the applied icord and then I’ll add the buttons! This has been a very exciting project to work on,  mainly because Toph ALWAYS figures out what I have gotten him for Christmas before Christmas Day and this time he has no idea. 

    This last week has been rather….dramatic. We’ve had the tail end of tonsillitis (Lorelai), anxiety attacks (that’d be me), head injuries (Leif, he is fine now but I am going to out this kid in a bubble), and a trip to the hospital for a peanut allergy (Toph, who also thankfully okay. It was a very scary night). I am truly hoping that all the craziness has ended and that we can finish the rest of the year in holiday bliss.

    Last night we decorated the tree, while we listened to some Jingle Bell Rock playlist on YouTube, followed by Rudolph the red nose reindeer playing on the organ by Lorelai. 

    Have a great day folks!! 

    I can’t feel my toes

    It is cold here, I’ve got sweaters, blankets, heavy duty socks, and even my snuggie on right now and I can still feel a chill in my spine! We’ve been trying to take advantage of the sunny days to get things done, but those are few and far between lately. 

     Sunday we took a little time for fun and did a wagon ride around the field with the lawn mower

     And made glow in the dark minecraft swords

      Put up our new mailbox!!

      And then napped by the kitchen fire because we were tuckered out.

      I managed to make a scarf for a toddler, the buttons were inspired by my bosom friends toddler, who kept taking his hat off the other day at a parade. 

     and finally I managed to finish the lining for Toph’s Trappers Hat and have started the outside! 

    We had a pretty good thanksgiving dinner and I personally don’t leave the house on Black Friday, I did send Toph to lowes for a wheelbarrow and coat hangers, he found a few deals that he liked and returned with a refrigerator & a microwave… 

    I in turn took advantage of the online deals (well I think I did) Joann fabrics had, all yarn was up to  50% and bought mine skeins of 100% wool..however today I realized that I was never emailed a confirmation number and when I logged into my account it showed nothing…zip, zero, zilch, but my bank account has been charged so….fix your stuff Joann’s!!!!! 

    Well I hope wherever you are tonight, you are staying warm, have a great night folks!!!