Fiber addict

I’ve had a couple of orders recently which I have been able to finish in no time


(Someone remind me why I don’t like to crochet?! It’s fast, easy, and I enjoy it while I am doing it…I’m weird, I know).

I took it upon myself yesterday to take the money I earned from hats to order some much wanted but not needed fiber.

Yes folks, we all know I have a fiber addiction. It’s not like I don’t have huge bags of alpaca…blue texel…romney….lincoln long wool, Shetland, angora, and bunch of other fiber that I can spin.

However, at some point over the night I was able to justify it, this fiber will just spun up, knit into something and sold. Problem solved.



Plus look at that beautiful fiber! Mulberry silk & seasilk. How could anyone pass that up.

I’ve made up my mind (so I don’t go back and purchase the merino that I found), that I will not browse etsy again until I have completed five orders, and finished spinning the alpaca.

Cross your fingers for me folks. This is a sickness…that I’m not sure I want cured.

Someday, but not today

We all have dreams in life, my dream is to wake up at five am, sip tea on my porch, and knock out a couple projects while watching the sunrise over the mountains. I want to make my family a nice breakfast for when they wake up and have a pleasant school day in a nice clean house.

I’m sure I’ll have that dream one day….you know when my kids start sleeping through the night, stop fighting, and start picking up after themselves. When I learn the secret tips of the other crafters out there who finish four sweaters a week, because we all know that I can never get anything finished in a day. And when I can convince my kids that homemade oatmeal is better for them, than cereal.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty happy with my life, my ambitions are just higher then my energy level and the amount of free time I have in a day.

I shouldn’t complain, I do get to do fun stuff and see some interesting things during the day.

We often play “where are the cows?” *hint* all three are there, so is the mule, and the mountains.

We make homemade bird feeders out of grapefruit

We make scarecrows named “Grandma”

And then sometimes, after many months and several thousand mistakes, I get things finished.



Have a great weekend folks!!

Fall fun

Hello folks! How was your weekend?

We had a fun, yet lazy couple of days. On Saturday we made the long drive to Brattleboro Vermont, to meet up with Lorelai’s distant learning teacher and the good folks of Oak Meadow. There were crafts & games, good snacks & a beautiful music duet of a guitar and fiddle. We were excited to meet Lorelai’s teacher, she was fun to talk with and very cheery, she introduced us to the creator of Oak Meadow. As it turns out, his wife wrote the book Ben & Meg, which Lorelai just finished reading.

On our way home, we stopped in the fine town of Putney to explore a little, we made one stop, but it was well worth it. We stopped at The Green Mountain Spinnery to check out their beautiful yarns, and to grab 8oz of lovely gray wool

no idea what I am going to do with this yet, but I’m sure I will think of something :-)

Sunday we spent time visiting with friends from down the road

If you recall, I wrote about this beautiful highland calf awhile back, well it turns out her name is Juniper, and she is a few months old.
We spent the afternoon playing with the cuddle bug above,


And gathering wintergreen leaves

And the Sunday ended with a project I started earlier in the week

Day one

Day six
I used the Anna and Elsa hat pattern and changed it just slightly.

Well folks, we seem to be having a warm spell this week, so I’m going to go out and enjoy the weather with the kids.

Have a great week folks!!

Hello Autumn <3

I just love the Fall, everything about it just speaks to my soul. The crisp air, the smells, the leaves falling from the trees. I love apple picking and cider, hot cocoa, and when I could eat them, donuts (I will find a way!!!!).


The last month has flown by so fast with homeschooling and dance class, the flu made it’s way to our house, I was down and out for over a week and Leif followed suit. Toph and Lorelai managed to escape without so much as a sniffle, Leif was better with in a matter of days, but I still have this lingering cough that is more annoying than anything.

I was hoping to knit during my downtime, I got a few things done, but mostly I had to restart a mitten twice. The first time I lost track of how many rows I had done, and the second I used the wrong size knitting needles, making the mitten an entire size smaller than the first.

When I was able to finally move about and do other things, I made spaghetti sauce and salsa out of the 54lbs of tomatoes I purchased the day before I started to feel horrible.



During my second round of what I like to call my failing immune system, I was able to working on another project, as I only had a sinus infection, and so my hands worked just fine.

IMG_4609.JPG a friends little boy just turned two and I thought being a fall baby, that a pumpkin hat was appropriate.

I also had the chance to make two wildflower crowns for a friend and myself, using the lovely pattern from Tiny Owl Knits


Now for some furry news

My husband happened to snap a picture of this brand new highland calf, some friends of ours up the road have a whole herd of highland cattle and they are just some of the most beautiful animals I have ever seen, I just fell in love with this little fella.

We’ve been working in several things for homeschooling, including our attempts at paper mâché for a social studies project on ancient China

As well as crocheting a scarf. I now understand crocheting a little better and may even attempt to do more crocheting because of it.

We’ve been learning about the five sense and how to play the recorder. Lorelai and I can down play a recorder and guitar duet of a Mary had a little lamb.

As I said Autumn has arrived, one day we had several leaves on the ground and the next we woke up to this


We have been preparing for the cold winter months, which includes and new hutch for Carrick, thanks to our neighbors. They raise rabbits and offered this hutch to us.


Well folks I will leave you with a picture of the lovely sunset I took in my backyard last night, have a great day!!


Cough cough hack

We started school this week, so far so good :-) both kids started dance class on Monday (creative movement for Leif, ballet for Lorelai), Tuesday Leif started preschool, Wednesday Mama got a sore throat and BAM I’ve been down for the count ever since.

I tried working on projects this week, I got half of a mitten finished before I realized something wasn’t right and had to take the entire thing out.

I did manage to slightly accomplish (with help from a lovely lady I met at the local yarn store), teaching Lorelai how to crochet



Have a great weekend folks!!

It’s beginning to look a lot like fall!

The leaves are changing colors early, the apples are dropping off the trees, and the delicious aroma of changing weather is in the air, that’s right folks! My favorite season is headed are way full force, Autumn!!! I love everything about Fall! It’s just beautiful and it makes me smile :-)

We had a fun time at the wedding last weekend, I also had fun at the bachelorette party/bridal shower a couple of weekends before. Did I finish my dresses? Almost, I got stuck on the zippers, but I was further then when I wrote about them.

The maid of honor and myself, I’ve known her since she was 9, she is now 22…I feel so old…and short, you can’t tell it here, but she is almost a foot taller then I am.

We stayed at a wonderful inn the night before and night of the wedding. A charming place in South Berwick Maine, called Academy Street Inn. The room was beautiful, the breakfasts were delicious, and the company was perfect! I even met a woman who asked for my address so she could send me a few books on fiber!

Now we are home and I am recovered, until this weekend when my handsome nephew comes to visit. I’ll be chasing around two 4 year olds!!

I of course have been working on a few things

A cowl for my friend

A Christmas bulb

A custom sweater for another friend, though I’m still having slight issues with it, so you will see a picture at a later time.

Leif’s doll, and a scarf, and another glove, and another mitten, and 355,535,834,935 other things.

Soon though, most of that will have to take a backseat. Today we received our curriculum from

It is a distant learning school and left me just tell you folks, I am absolutely thrilled with the material. You can use the program in two ways
1. You buy the curriculum via the bookstore and do it as a homeschool
2. Enroll and you get the curriculum, as well as teacher support and they deal with the school district.

We did option two, I am not sure who is more excited, myself or Lorelai!

Have a great Labor Day weekend folks, remember if you plan on drinking, please get a designated driver. I lost a great friend to a drunk driver 5 years ago last March, and I cannot stress how important it is to not drink and drive.

Good night!